Small Talk

Small Talk

A Chapter by YokaiShinigami

A conversation that occurred between Kenji and Shigeru during their battle


"War is a choice favored by idiots, but should one have to fight, it should be taken care of swiftly. If all diplomatic solutions fail, then square off, until someone wins... but if you're going to fight, don't consider doing so humanely... there is no such thing as a humane war. Enemies should be dispatched swiftly and efficiently. Simply wounding them and walking away leads to vengeance and the cycle becomes endless"

"You're heartless, don't you feel for the lives that are being lost. What you're suggesting is no better than a massacre."

"Like I said, a choice made by idiots. What your two sides are engaged in now is nothing more than bickering, an argument that can be easily solved by talk. Yet you choose to drag it out. To be uncompromising, It's not something worth fighting for, the losses will cease if somebody wins and the cycle of revenge will end if someone loses. I'm here to achieve that end, and I have the power to do so as well."

"Just because you have the power to do something doesn't mean that you should."

"Perhaps you should follow your own advice."

“I’m not done with you!”

“You’re as good as dead, I’m off to deal with your friend. It’s too bad.  In a gentler world, you and I could have been allies.”

© 2010 YokaiShinigami

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Added on September 26, 2010
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