The Raging Inferno

The Raging Inferno

A Chapter by YokaiShinigami

                They were dead, all of them were. My men, my soldiers, my friends, they were all gone. Used as bait to decimate the enemy.  So that was its power.  The A-Bomb.  A foul device like that, it was unthinkable.  How could our military have put it to such use insipid device? Then again, that’s what I was too, a weapon of mass destruction, a knight, a terror on the battlefield, capable of leveling towns in a matter of minutes.  I looked at my emblem, a white lotus that had a saber running down the middle. “Lance Pride, The Phoenix” it said. That was me, a weapon, I was called the phoenix, my job was to incinerate my foes, or the empire’s foes. Never again… not even once more. I have to stop this. I have to save the empire, from the clutches of the monsters who now command it.

© 2010 YokaiShinigami

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Added on October 5, 2010
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