Character Description

Character Description

A Story by YokaiShinigami

Character Name/Archetype- Lars Ulrich / Anti Villain

Gender/Species- Male/ Human 

Description- Lars is a military man in his late 20''s. He has short brown hair, and hazel eyes. He well built, nearly six feet, and has scars all around his body, reminders of his battles. He usually dresses in his military attire, which includes a tactical vest, and cargo pants, along with a pair of biker gloves and a bandana he added onto the mix.  

Personality- He is usually calm, and is very difficult to anger. However he is also very adamant and believes in duty. This causes him to use his abilities to serve Gen. Sigfried Toeffel, a bloodthirsty conquerer. However Lars is also very compassionate and empathetic, which leads to a conflict within his ideals of duty and kindness.  

Special Skills & Talents- He a very skilled tactician, along with being an above average motorist, and close quarters combatant. He also knows his way around most firearms, and is very skilled at Jerry Rigging, and using his environment to his advantage

Backstory- Lars was the youngest of 3. His family resided in a region that was caught in a scuffle between the United Nations Alliance and the DrachenZahn Empire. During one of the Alliance's attacks, a bomber was misinformed to hit the settlement, rather than the military base of the empire, that was a few miles north. Lars and 5 others were the only ones that were left alive. 

At the age of 16 he led a rag tag group of guerrilla fighters in attacks against the Alliance. However eventually they were captured, and were on the verge of being executed in public. Gen. Toeffel, seeing the potential in Lars, sent a team of special forces members to rescue Lars. The other 5 were killed by the Alliance as they bought Lars time to escape with the special operations team. 

© 2010 YokaiShinigami

Author's Note

Character Description for a Collab project.

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