You May Think It's Funny

You May Think It's Funny

A Chapter by NeonWolves

Really just the opening to the whole shabang. I rant a bit and a warning, I use strong language through the whole thing.


    Some peope call me insane. I prefer the term..mentally hilarious. When some things that seem a bit too funny and accidents, like car crashes or fires, make you grin a bit too much. Ya know, the usual stuff that tickles my special little funny bone. Then those times when everyone else is shocked or have their mouths open in horror...and your laughing...pretty hard..that may just be considered "insane" but heyr, I'm laughing so someing must be pretty mentally hilarious. See what I did there? If not, you my friend are what some people call, plain f*****g stupid. Now that we got that out of the way, we can start. Lucky you..

    Ok, my name is Zero. Doesn't that name just boost your self esteem? It sure does for me! The sad part though, I'm just as my name states. A zero. Nothing. I'm not exactly a big people person, I have anger issues and, oh yea, I'm mentally hilarous. Then there is this thing where I kinda control ice. I really don't like it because I hate the cold with a passion. Plus, it's just a pain.

   I may be special, but I do have friends. There's Jayce and his multiple personalities tha we sorted, oh look kids, by color! Then there's Nathan, our pretty much vampire buddy. NO not the shiny little posers from Twilight either. They make me sick. Gemini, the altralumi (part angel part demon). Kana, the one who can chat with animals, Sage, the strong but quiet one who can f**k s**t up when he wants and more that I'm frankly to lazy to write. So, boo hoo, you'r names not on the rant list! Poor thing! Get over it. We are all a bit special and, no s**t Sherlock, we have powers mostly. You'd never know by the angel demon, vampire or person that can shoot ice from just a glance. Never woulda guessed. I didn't list everyone's powers though because that would ruin the fun, thus this whole thing would be boring and I should stop writing right about now...OH wait! There are some surprises. Wee..I get to keep writing. If my hand cramps, I blame you.

© 2011 NeonWolves

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Hm it sounds interesting so far, even if this was just a little hard to follow. It needs to be proofread, but I believe you said something about that in the opening. Very nice idea though~

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Posted 10 Years Ago

lol i love it

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 10 Years Ago

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