F**k The Snow Gods.

F**k The Snow Gods.

A Chapter by NeonWolves

 I jump up a bit as my phone vibrates in my pocket. I pull it out, not really caring anymore and go to my messages. I nudge Jayce awake.

"Jayce, read this." I slide the phone on his desk.


Gemini: Hey Kat. You and Jayce better be ready after school I'm coming down.    9:45

Jayce smiles and pushes his headphones down, "Sweet!"

   Gemini lives kinda far away and we rarely get to see him. He was kinda like a cousin to Jayce and he loved me. I close my book and take my earbuds out. I'm actually pretty aggrivated.

"I'm gonna tell him to stay home. I don't want to see him."

Jayce blinks and the bell rings again. I growl as I stand up. So f*****g loud, calm down bell.

    I walk back to my locker and throw a 'seeya' at Jayce. My locker combination song plays as I spin the lock and it creaks open. Ugh, study hall with Mrs. I-Shoulda-Retiered-Years-Ago. I groan and slam the door shut. I have this period with no friends so it's gonna be boring as hell. I slump my way through the crowds, nodding at the occasional 'hey' or when someone calls my name. My grey eyes are dull and bored. My phone goes off and I open up my messages.


Gemini: What? Why?           9:58

   I grip my phone as the bell rings and decide to reply when I get to class so I don't fall in the hallway...again. I make my way to my next class and plop down in my usual seat in the back with a light chime from my collar. I tell him I don't want to see him and how I can't see him, then slide my phone back in my pocket. I groan then put one headphone in so I can hear the old bat call attendance. I hum to my music and sigh as she calls everyone else first and I decide to take out a book to start reading. I hate how she goes in alphabetical order by first names. Who does that? I think she does it just because she knows it irritates me.

"And last, Zero Starlite?" She peers through her glasses like she has never seen me before and my name is in Chinese or some s**t.

I raise a hand slightly as I reply, "Yea..." Then my hand props back down to change the song on my ipod and flip the page after. As she no longer needs my attention, I put my second headphone in and tear through my book until my phone goes off again.


Gemini: What the hell? What did I do?                                    10:03

With a laugh, I reply how he fucked me over and abandoned not only me, but Jayce too.

   Another groan and a slap to close my book, as my head hits the desk. I'm sleepy. I hate school. It needs to burn down. I grin and my body goes cold. Or I can just freeze it over. I can do that easy. I frown and growl. I hate being cold though. Now I'm cold. F**k you snow gods. I hope you all melt. My desk gets cold and the metal legs start to ice over. Ice incases it as it spirals down from where my hands are gripping the side. I growl and the grey in my eyes deepen. I hate cold so why am I cursed with it? The bell rings and my head shoots up, as soon as my hands leave the desk and my concentration is broken, the ice shatters to water on the ground. Damnit. I did it again.


© 2011 NeonWolves

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I love the snow and cold~ I don't understand how anyone couldn't!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 10 Years Ago

sometimes what we hate is what we need but very good

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 10 Years Ago

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