Emotional Disaster on school- Chapter 2

Emotional Disaster on school- Chapter 2

A Chapter by Emmanuel Rosado

My father may done some damage but he did not do it alone. School was a harsh thing to deal with the mockery was hard.I was a fat child and slow so they mock me. Not to mention I got a speech impediment which make it more difficult to me. I did not handle it very well I became aggressive but not to the people around me. I became aggressive to myself. I harm myself in many ways to this day is a miracle that i am alive.
Elementary school is was weird since it the time we change...most of us anyway.The true was i had suicidal thoughts and i never told anyone.I was really putting a mask for everyone. That mask could hide everything pain, sadness, aggressiveness and much more.I use this mask to hide it all to my friends and my family. Sometimes it was a little hard but i pull it off.
Middle school was different in a weird, weird way.I start to experience weird things like pain was actually feeling food and i had weird activity that i like but the one thing that never change was the aggressiveness. It was huge and i could not control it but as always i use the mask to hide it. I was getting good i could sense problem of anyone and more.In seventh grade I notice this girl that i had a huge crush on. She was having problems and i talk to her. She answer really mean but after a couple of minutes she told me her problems. After that she did not when to the school for three months. It turn out that she was rape by her dad. That really turn out to be a laughter thing for me but like i said i was changing and it was weird thing i laugh and like.In eighth grade was really really weird but nothing out of the normal i still have the just some weird mishaps but that it. I still remember meeting this girl...ugh! what a huge pain in the neck. She drive me nut but i still hang out with her because i made so many joke. I stay being her friend because i wanted to develop patience and i did. It was hard to get it because she yell a lot and hit me a lot. So many time i wanted to hit her and break her teeth until she bleed her eyes out. Patience i develop and it help me control my anger in some ways. Now i was that girl best friend without me wanting it. 
Ninth grade! the best and worse year ever!! over the summer i develop many things. I turn to the religion of Buddha and i start to get interest in weird things. Darker then before so it was a huge thing. In this grade couple of things happen. My first day of class so boring when i got home i start looking information and start learning and acquired many skill by myself. What i learn in 8 years of school i did it in three months.This affected many things in my life and this in ninth grade i lay back. That became a problem with the teacher since i don't talk i did my work early and i get good grade so they were wondering if everything was alright.Those teacher really boil my blood i was a good student there no reason to make a big deal if i was a loner or not but they did. It suck for a while but there a silver light in anything so they put me in the center of the classroom and my fun began. Torture was fun and still is for me but back then it was funnier.I confuse people for fun and other i make them cry. The only thing that boil my blood more then the teacher was interrupting what i was doing.It could be me  torturing or study ether way it boil my blood sadly people did not know this.When this kid bother me and acted cool and so i did what it was right....i kick his a*s when he sat on his chair. I never knew why they did not took me to the principal.After this incident my classmate knew not to disturbed me when I'm working. This incident did not spread around like wild fire just few people knew and this magnificent day this huge guy. Bigger than me maybe like 6'4 about 270 pound took my backpack and trow it away. This piss me off but no big deal i talk to him and he said what every wanna be said his life story. He push me and i hit myself on the wall and i lost it there. He was walking back to his friends and i put my hand in his shoulder turning him around and blam! a punch this guys in the nose. All he did was talk crap which i do not care. After that day no one mess with me and i sat alone always which is peace for me. My ninth grade i will never forget it beside that my graduation i was the master of ceremony which i found it awesome! that was my middle school. Thinking crazy, making crazy
and just being an emotional wreck.

© 2011 Emmanuel Rosado

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Added on September 28, 2011
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Emmanuel Rosado
Emmanuel Rosado

Carolina, Puerto Rico

im fun like to make friend and i like to writer mostly about love more..