Misfortune in the family!

Misfortune in the family!

A Story by Emmanuel Rosado

‎"Hi mom where dad?" ask Lank 
"I don't know did you search the study?" reply Lank's mom
"Ok mom" Lank said running to find his father.

When Lank reach the top of the stairs, the study's door was open and the voice of his father came through it. The closer Lank get the more he heard his father yelling. Lank stop at the door peeking through the crack of the door. 
" I told you no!.....Because I have a family....no! I can't keep this lie anymore.....Because I'm a father and a husband too" The father said while talking on the phone. Lank took a couple of step back as he heard his father yelling. After 15 minutes of hearing his father insult this person over the phone, Lank ran to his room and he stay in his room all day. Day after day Lank when to his room after school, to never being seen all day.

One day Lank's parent when away for a couple of hours. Lank when to the kitchen to eat something. When all of the sudden he heard the front door open. He peek to look who it was and he saw a tall, white woman with blonde hair and brown eyes enter his house. Lank desperate walk slowly to the stairs and ran to his room. Upon arriving he lock the door and hide in the closet. The mysterious woman knock at the door and said "Robert honey! come out! we can solve this! I still love you! let be together forever! Robert! Robert! Don't ignore me you son of a b***h!!!". The woman start kicking the door. Then it was quiet! When all of the sudden an axe started to break the door. Lank wanted to scream but he could not! He wanted to cry, he felt trap by this mad woman. "Come on out you pig! you want me then come and get me! We will have sex when you want to! I will comply with your humiliating request but come on out babe!" Said the woman. Lank got angry, he could not understand why his father was with another woman!. When the woman finally break the door down and enter the room, she realize Robert was not in the house. She heard a child crying. She slowly approaches the closet and when she open it. She saw Lank crying. She decided if she did not have her sweetheart then she would take his son just to give him a reason to go to her.

When Lank's parent came back they saw the house a mess. They hurry to find Lank but they did not see him. After they call the police and they investigated. The detective found a letter saying that if Robert was not at the bridge by midnight Lank would be death. That night Lank's Father deny to go to the bridge. The next morning they found Lank's body in a trash bag. With a letter saying that this was the punishment for his betrayal to his wife and his mistress.

© 2012 Emmanuel Rosado

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Added on March 21, 2012
Last Updated on March 21, 2012


Emmanuel Rosado
Emmanuel Rosado

Carolina, Puerto Rico

im fun like to make friend and i like to writer mostly about love more..