Chapter 2: Having x New x Friends

Chapter 2: Having x New x Friends

A Chapter by Yuki Lee

Yuki and Shiro met new friends at the Hunter Exam!

"S-step 1? What do you think you're... doing?!" Yuki said, blushing really hard.

"Look here, I know you want your crush to get to know you more... I'm doing everything to get you together!" Shiro said with a smile.

"W..." Yuki stammered. "W?" Shi asked. "What if he doesn't like me!" Yuki whispered loudly. "DON'T... be so paranoid, Yuki-chan! I'm certain he'll like you.. 'Cause you're cute and all!" Shiro said. "Cute, huh? I'm not even cute.." Yuki said with pinkish cheeks, looking at the ground while running. "That's what you think of yourself. But you're cute!"

They kept on running, and running, and running faster.

"I forgot one detail," the man said. "My name is Satotz, and I'm in charge of the first round, so I must lead you to the second round."

"The second round? You mean the first...." a random guy said. "Yes, the first round has already begun," Satotz said. "If you have followed me to the place where the second round is, you have passed the first round. I can't tell you when we'll arrive. You must be content with following me."

Some people were surprised. "The first round has started..?!"

"Man, such slow people." Yuki thought.

A little later, they heard a shout from one of the examinees, "HEY KID, THAT'S NOT ALLOWED! THAT'S CHEATING!!" The person who shouted was near Yuki and Shiro. Both of them looked at what the examinee was shouting at and saw Killua, skateboarding.

"Why?" he said with an expressionless face. "..'Why?' Because this is an endurance test!" the person shouted. "You're wrong," a young boy with black spiky hair said. "He just asked us to follow him, didn't he?" he said, referring to Satotz. "GON! WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?!"

"So his name is Gon..." Shiro said softly. "This is getting weird..." Yuki said while sweat dropping.

Then, some feminine looking guy with blonde hair scolded that "weird" guy that kept on shouting. Killua then looked at Gon and asked, "You, how old are you?"

Gon answered, "Almost 12!" Killua made some trick with his skateboard and started running too. They started to introduce themselves and became friends quickly.

Killua saw Yuki and said, "Yo, it's you again," with a smile.

"Ah! Yes, he-hello again!" she said, trying not to blush. "Oh? You two knew each other?" Gon said. "Well, I'm Gon! Nice to meet you," he said. Yuki smiled and said, "I'm Yuki, she looked at Shiro who was feeling rejected by everybody and said, "This is my friend, Shiro."

"I'm Kurapika and this is Leorio," the feminine looking guy said. 'He sure will make some girls feel ashamed of themselves.. or maybe just plain jealous..' Yuki thought.

The three, Yuki, Killua and Gon, started talking. Kurapika and Leorio were just running quietly and Shiro was being "snobbish", as if not caring about anything in the world.

Then, Leorio said out of the blue, "You already have a little big breasts for a 12-year-old, Yuki," he said while looking a Yuki's chest pervertedly. "Shut up, perverted old man." Yuki said, annoyed. She covered her chest with her hand. "Tch."

Some boys looked at her chest too and Yuki felt awkward. Gon doesn't know what was happening and Killua looked annoyed because of the other boys. A trace of jealousy was on his face.

"Jealousy, I see?" Shiro told Killua. "Why're you jealous about a girl you just met?" she said, stressing the 'just'. "Shut up. I'm not jealous about anything!" Killua said, looking away to show that he's not blushing. "Yeah, whatever." Shiro said. "I guess you just don't like people looking at her. Oh! No wait! That's just the same!"

Then, they kept running.

© 2014 Yuki Lee

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Yuki Lee
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