Chapter 3: To x The x Wetlands

Chapter 3: To x The x Wetlands

A Chapter by Yuki Lee

Soon, there were many examinees that were so tired and can't take it anymore.

"Meh. They still have next year.. Good luck to them!" Shiro said. Yuki just sweat dropped, 'Why is she so positive..' she thought. Later on, they were running to a staircase.

"Well, let's pick up the pace," Satotz said and started skipping or something on the staircase, going up, as if he has no bones at all and his limbs were gum. Kurapika and Leorio were talking. Shiro was mumbling, "Yeah whatever, let those 'friendies' have their moment," to herself.

Killua, Gon and Yuki were talking and talking.

"I didn't notice that we're in the front," Gon said. "Ohh.." Yuki said, not knowing what to say.
Soon, they found light, knowing that it is the exit of the tunnel.

"Hey, wanna have a race?" Killua asked. "Sure!!" Yuki and Gon said at the same time. "Loser buys lunch!" Yuki said. "Well then, let's go... 3... 2... 1!" They said and ran fast, faster than Satotz.

"HYAAAAAAAAAAH!!" The three said and escaped from the tunnel. Yuki tried running faster but she tripped so she went rolling on the ground. The two boys jumped on her while she was still on the ground. Killua helped her up and said, "I was first!"

"No, me!" Yuki argued. "It was me!" Gon also said. They looked at Satotz and Gon asked, "Satotz-san, who was first?" Satotz answered, "Well, I saw the girl a bit faster than both of you boys," They were surprised.

"Yuki..?" Killua asked, jaw dropping.

"Wow, that's so cool!" Gon said.

"Yay, I won our race!" Yuki said happily doing a victory dance. "Hey," Shiro joined in. "Ahh! Shi-chi, I didn't notice you," Yuki said. Shiro walked off to Killua and whispered to him, "You in love yet?" Killua replied with, "What?! With whom?!"

"Yuki~ Yuki Lee! You like her, huh?" Shiro said with a creepy-looking smile. "N-no.... I-I-I.. don't," Killua looked away, blushing. "Hmm. Hey, I'm going to tell you something," Shiro said then whispered something to Killua.

"Where.. are we?" am examinee asked.

"The Numere Wetlands, this is near the place where the second phase will stand, you'll have to go through here. There are rare animals here, they eat humans for lunch. They're birds of prey, as well as gamers. Now follow me and pay attention! Losing the way to the second round results to death,"

Yuki and Killua stared to nowhere with an expressionless face, they were thinking about how boring the exam will turn into. "Take care and do not be surprised," Satotz added. "Do your best to follow me."

Suddenly, someone from behind shouted, "THAT'S NOT TRUE, HE'S LYING TO YOU GUYS!" All eyes were at him.

Yuki whispered to Killua, "That guy doesn't even look like one," and Killua replied, "I know, he looks too hurt and injured to be an examiner,"

Some examinees were confused. "An imposter? What does he mean? So.. What is he?"

"LOOK AT THIS!" the random person said and showed some sort of monkey. "IT'S A MONKEY-MAN! ONE OF THE CREATURES LIVING HERE!" he explained what a "Monkey-man" does. "HIS ONLY PURPOSE IS TO GET RID OF YOU ALL!" then, after that, cards sliced through his face and body and some were thrown at Satotz, and he caught them quickly.

It was revealed that the cards were from Hisoka, the "creepy and weird magician" as Yuki thought.

"With this, it is confirmed. He's really the right judge," Hisoka stated, referring to Satotz and explained about the judges. Satotz said that the second time an examinee tries to hurt an examiner, he will be disqualified.

The people looked at the person awhile ago and saw some birds eating him. "That sure is gross.." Leorio said. "What a poor and unlucky guy," Shiro joined in. "At least the bird-like creatures enjoyed it."

"Well, let us go to second part of the test." Satotz said and they all ran again, following their judge.

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Yuki Lee
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