Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Scooter

The schedule is set, and the group gets ready to begin their journey.


"I guess it wasn't as easy as you thought it'd be, huh, Vio?"

The purple-clad Link looked over his shoulder at the shadow who was still laying on the black ground of the Dark World. Only about ten minutes had passed since Shadow's consciousness had returned to its true body, and the shadow had barely moved at all.

Shadow's black eyes were open, but he looked tired. Vio exhaled gently and turned away from the dull sight of the Dark World.

It really wasn't much to look at: the only colors Vio could see without consciously searching were black, gray, and maybe, just maybe, a dull yellow and green. The scenery - the little that was there anyway - was boring as well. The purple Link saw the dim outline of a few trees, a medium-sized cottage, and a boulder.

"Yeah. Yeah I guess you're right, Shadow. I was a tad optimistic, wasn't I? The drain on your powers must've been greater than you had anticipated, huh?" He walked over to Shadow, the echoes from his footsteps sounding deafening in the silence. Vio crouched down next to Shadow, his forearms resting on his thighs, and black eyes met purple.

"The damned sun certainly was an issue, but the biggest reason for my powers drainin' that quickly was because I created that mirror. That was one thing I hadn't foreseen." A frustrated sound made its way past the shadow's closed lips. "I should have known I'd be easily seen through. I know I'd get through Red's defenses because, no offense, he is not the brightest bulb in the box." Shadow watched Vio's face as it contorted slightly, showing that he didn't like it when the shadow insulted any of the other three.

Guess that makes sense though, doesn't it? I mean . . . if I insult any of them - Green, Red, Blue, Vio - then I'm technically insultin' all four of them includin' myself. Huh.

"Shadow are you alright?" Black eyes turned from looking into space and snapped to focus on Vio's frowning face. The other had probably thought Shadow was in pain. . . .

Why all the time with the goddamned pity? Couldn't someone just space out if they wanted to?

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. I'm not a doll y'know; I won't break from just a bit of pressure."

Vio's concerned frown altered to show a look of mild disbelief, as if he actually thought the shadow would break.

Tch. Yeah right. Shadow mused, I'm not the Hero's Shadow for nothin'.

"Honestly, team strategist, I won't break. Goddesses. 'M just a bit sore. My powers are already returnin'."

"Would it help if you slept?" The question was asked with innocent enough intentions, and so Vio felt a bit hurt when he saw a flash of distrust coupled with wariness in Shadow's dark eyes.

"Nah." Came the eventual answer. "Won't really matter. I know how much I'll need for when I go back." A laugh that sounded just a bit too evil to Vio came from the dark Link. "I doubt your posse' will want to go gallopin' through the darkness though. Guess we can't do anythin' but pray they get at least a bit of rest cause I won't be stoppin' for many, if any, breathers."

What are you, a slave driver? mused Vio absently. His purple eyes widened a fraction as another question struck him. "Hey, Shadow?"

Shadow twitched slightly and pushed himself to a sitting position, looking at Vio with an eyebrow raised. "What?"

"Are you really prepared to die?" Vio watched Shadow's face carefully, seeking a reaction of any kind. The shadow's features remained stoic for the most part, but Vio managed to catch the discreet widening of Shadow's eyes. the reaction had indeed been minute: his black eyes had barely widened two centimeters.

While his eyes betrayed a sliver of his emotions concerning the destruction of the Mirror of Darkness, his voice betrayed nothing.

"'Course I am. Wouldn't've offered to help if I wasn't, right?"

A small frown marring Vio's face, he nodded. "Yeah. Sure. As long as you don't chicken out at the end."

Mental smack to the forehead.

Vio watched as Shadow's eyes became suddenly guarded and his defenses were raised again.

"Oh, you don't have to worry 'bout that." he quipped, his tone reverting to the one he had when they all met.

Taunting. Cold. Merciless. Evil.

The shadow pushed himself to his feet, looking down at Vio. Said Link rose from his own position, looking Shadow dead in the eye. "Lord Ganon won't bother coming here, but I wouldn't wander far. This one area is safe, but it doesn't mean any other parts are. Keep in mind you also don't have the Four Sword or your shield." He had already begun to walk away from Vio when he spoke again. "On second thought, go to sleep."

Vio's first instinct was to argue back, but he knew the other was right. . . . He really did need sleep. A small huff leaving his lips, Vio sat back down again, watching as Shadow turned away from him again. Vio lay down completely, a scowl gracing his features. This wasn't going to comfortable that's for sure. Grimacing in discomfort, Vio shifted a bit, trying to find some semblance of comfort. As he closed his eyes, Vio resigned himself to sleep, not noticing that Shadow had turned back again to look at him.

A sigh escaped from the shadow, and he shook his head.

"Make up your mind, Vio," he muttered, his black eyes showing a few more of his hidden emotions, "Do you think of me as a friend? Do you trust me? Do you not trust me? Do you hate me? Do you . . ." Shadow hated himself for his hesitation. "Do you want me to die?" With his final question being directed to un-hearing ears, the dark Link shook his head once more, turned, and walked away again.

This time he didn't look back.

"Thank the Goddesses for this cave, huh?" Red chirped, "I'm sure Shadow will be able to help us too!"

The red Link recoiled slightly when met with Blue's fierce glare.

"You actually believe that guy? I bet you he's just manipulating Vio again! When we get Vio back this time, I'll have to smack some sense into him!" Blue completely ignored Green's look and just continued to rant. "I mean, we're gonna have to travel at night! That's when that b*****d is strongest and probably when the monsters will come out and ambush us!"

"Blue, shut up!"

Red and Blue both finally looked at Green, who was glaring at Blue. "Vio wouldn't be stupid enough to get caught unawares again. He could not have been faking either. That pain was too real." The leader shook his head. "Vio may be in Shadow's territory, but he'll be fine. Out of the four of us, Vio's the most persuasive." Link's trademark 'just-try-and-stop-me' grin washed over his boyish features.

"Besides, do you really think Ganon can stop us?"

Blue's face lost most of its anger and that same grin spread over his own face. "Damn right!" he cheered, for once looking over at Red with something other than anger or frustration on his face. The innocent Link nodded vigorously.

"Yeah! We'll get Vio back and all four of us will beat Vaati and Ganon!"

The leader walked to the pile of equipment and knelt, standing up again with two of the swords in his hands. The two Four Swords were still sheathed and Green approached Blue again, offering him one of the weapons. Blue took it, a grin of a more challenging nature appearing on his face.

"You said you wanted a match, right? Then let's go; we have to kill some time."

The two were set to leave the cave when Red called after them.

"You two should also sleep a bit before nightfall. You know, to keep your strength up!"

Green smiled and nodded while Blue just looked a bit stunned by how smart Red was being today. Happy he hadn't been blown off, Red unrolled a bedroll the four of them had purchased in a town a few days ago. They weren't the most comfortable things to sleep on, but decent enough. Within seconds of laying down, Red was asleep although he'd only woken up about six hours ago.

Sparks flew as the two blades met. Their owners were certainly giving it their all even though it was just a scrimmage. Blue grunted slightly and un-tensed his legs, preparing to jump. The blue-clad Link pulled his sword away, leaping back to avoid Green's swipe.

It nicked his tunic.

Landing, Blue twisted the Four Sword to get a better grip. His body only barely tensed as Green rushed at him, face pulled into a frown of determination. Blue feinted to the right, ducking the thrust and he lashed out, aiming for Green's left side. Dark blue eyes widened in joy: he was actually going to win this one!


Disappointment crossed Blue's face as Green blocked his strike.

"You cheated." Blue accused childishly, knowing full well that Green had done no such thing.

"Oh yeah," Green started, taking the accusation in stride. "Because by blocking your attack I'm a cheater. Astounding logic, Blue. I'm amazed."

Blue scowled at Green and the green Link might actually have been scared if they hadn't known each other. Blue growled, narrowed his eyes, and raised the Four Sword once again. A childish pout appeared on his face and Green grinned.

"It's just like Red said, Blue. We should try and get some rest."

"Even though we haven't been up for very long in the first place?" Blue sounded angry, and Green couldn't help but think what a relief it was that Blue was acting like his regular, hot-headed self.

"Yeah. We need as much energy as we can get. Unlike you I do believe that Shadow wants to help us. On the other hand I don't think he'll be completely tame about this either. Personally I'd like to be at my best."

Blue grumbled something about unfairness and wanting to knock Green on his a*s for once during a spar, but followed Green as he began his trek back to the cave. When the two of them returned, Green smiled slightly at the sight of Red curled up in his bedroll.

"Ouch!" The green-clad Link spun towards Blue when he felt something hard collide with the back of his head. "What was that for you moron?" he hissed sharply. The impact hadn't hurt per se, but it had been uncalled for and just . . . stupid.

Payback Blue mouthed, a smirk plastered on his face.

Green, being the second most mature Link (the first probably being Vio), stuck his tongue out at Blue. Hearing a small groan and the rustling of cloth, the two Links looked towards Red. the innocent Link had merely turned over in his slumber, showing no signs of waking up soon. Green and Blue sighed simultaneously before unrolling their own bedrolls, preparing to try and get some shut-eye.

Once settled, Blue looked over to Green, a question on the tip of his tongue, only to find the leader already sleeping. Resigning himself to hours of boredom, Blue looked at the mouth of the cave and the sunlight streaming in. Blue didn't know how long he stared at the entrance, but he knew that it eventually became dark. A gentle breeze wafted into the cave, ruffling the hair of the three sleeping Links.

In another world, one person was still sleeping while the other was lounging on the roof of the small cottage, staring up into the completely dark sky of the Dark World.

"Lord Ganon will not remain blind to this. He'll find out 'bout this plan for sure, no doubt 'bout that." Shadow sighed heavily, looking away from the dreary sight of the black, starless sky, and to Vio's sleeping body.

"Sorry, Vio, but I don't think this'll go accordin' to your plans."


Crickets chirped lazily in the stillness of the night and the light of the moon just barely illuminated anything inside the cave. The three Links had been sleeping since about midday and none of them showed any signs of waking.

The entrance became blocked suddenly as a figure stepped in. His dark eyes scanned the ground and would have missed the trio if the faint rustling had not caught his attention. Shadow stalked further inside, remaining completely and utterly silent until he was practically on top of the three.

How easy it would be, Shadow thought wryly, to just reach out and kill them while they sleep.

The shadow extended a hand towards the lump furthest to the left and he had a feeling of unease. He knew that feeling; someone was watching him.

Black eyes shot right and he saw the middle figure sitting up, looking at him, or at least in his direction.

Ah. Of course. Green would never leave them unprotected. One corner of Shadow's mouth lifted up into a small smirk and he rested his hand on the shoulder of the Link he was closest to. He heard Green shift again but ignored it.

One thing Shadow prided himself with was his eyesight. Living in the Dark World and forever skulking in the shadows had to be a contributing factor. It was his eyesight that alerted him to the fact that the Link in front of him was Red.

Red eyes opened slowly, proving Shadow to be correct. He was stared at blearily for a few seconds before Red came completely awake. The reaction that followed caused the shadow to feel conflicting emotions.

Joy because Red seemed to be at ease around him (he even grinned, much to Shadow's chagrin). Anger for that exact same reason.

Green had extracted himself from his bedroll and had approached Blue with the obvious intent to wake him. the leader felt a hand grip his shoulder and he could barely make Shadow's face out in the darkness.

I must be out of my mind, Green thought, his shoulders slumping slightly. Letting Shadow wake Blue will be like tossing a lit match into a puddle of oil.

The leader relented however, and he watched in mild amusement, ready to jump in if he needed to. Green felt another body close to him and he heard Red's soft intakes of breath. Both Links watched as the shadow went down on his knees next to Blue and lean forward slightly.

"What's Shadow do-"


Green's voice was trembling slightly, proving his desire to laugh at the faint scene in front of him. The light didn't allow much to be seen, but Green and Red were able to make out that Shadow was on his knees, his body slowly bending over Blue's slumbering body.

While a tiny part of him would forever regret this moment, the majority was in favor of the upcoming stunt. Shadow moved slowly until he was mere inches from Blue's face. The deed would have to be done quickly lest he lost some vital part of his body (while the loss of a limb was inconsequential to this body, his true body would be smarting for ages). Without giving himself time to think anymore, Shadow acted. He leaned down a tiny bit further and loudly whispered:

"Mornin' sunshine."

The blue Link opened his eyes till they were at half-mast. While the blue Link was still waking up, Shadow executed part two. He leaned down a bit more, pressing his lips against Blue's.

Well Blue certainly was awake now.

In fact, Green had never seen someone jump up so quickly before in his life.

"What the hell? What the hell was that?"

That's when the dam broke and peals of laughter emanated from Red and Green, drawing Blue's furious gaze to them.

"You two. . . .? Goddamnit you two knew what he was doing?"

He heard a snort next to him and he snapped his gaze to where he assumed his assailant was sitting. "Someone light one of those damn lanterns so I can see if my punches are connecting to this guy's face!"

"Oh, but Blue," Shadow spoke, his voice low and smooth. "All I did was grant your wish."

"Heh?" This was Red who had moved his position to a little behind Blue. "Blue has a wish?"

"Yeah!" Blue snarled, his face becoming visible in the light of the lantern that was now lit. "To kill you!" Blue's face was a bright red and he had the sheath of his sword aimed about three inches to the left of Shadow's shoulder. He changed his position so the tip of the sheath was aimed at the shadow's throat.

"Come now!" Shadow said, a sneer playing at the corner of his lips. "We all know you love Red."


Well that certainly had shocked Blue into silence. A soft clink alerted that Red had set the lantern down and Green couldn't stop the snort that left him. While he didn't particularly trust the shadow yet, he still couldn't help laughing at his prank on Blue. The light emanating from the lantern made it possible to see Blue's flushed face as well as Red's. Green looked at Shadow, a bit surprised to see mild confusion written on his face. So it appeared that Shadow had shot blindly into the dark, only to hit an apparent bulls-eye.

Standing, Shadow sneered. "So, dear Blue, it seems that I'm right."


"Such a quick denial. . . . Are you sure you aren't hidin' somethin' from the rest of us?"

He knew Blue would snap eventually but he hadn't expected it to take so little provocation. Shadow rubbed his aching jaw, glowering at Blue. Shadow wouldn't deny that he had provoked Blue into hitting him, but that didn't mean Shadow wasn't angry. In fact he growled at the blue-clad Link. He was itching to draw his own blade and introduce it to Blue. Shadow just might have done it if it hadn't been for Green clearing his throat.

"Hey, come on guys. Shadow, please don't pull or attempt to pull that stunt again. Next time you'll probably come off worse than just a sore jaw." The leader looked at Blue, who in turn was snickering at Shadow. "And Blue, don't assault our guide." The snickering promptly ceased.

"So . . . So what do we do now?" Red asked timidly. Green, Blue, and Shadow all turned to look at Red.

Green and Shadow grinned (Shadow a bit more evilly). Blue groaned.

Red was blushing.

Well, Green thought, amused, It would appear that I'm two-fifths gay.

Shadow, his voice trembling with the urge to burst out laughing, answered. "First you guys pack up; we have to go. Now." When the three Links continued to look at him expectantly he spoke again. "Really, I have to wonder if Vio and I didn't get all the brains. When I said 'now', I meant now!"

"Calm down." Green said, moving past Shadow and Blue. He knelt next to Red, gathering some equipment.

Shadow didn't move, looking at Blue. "You gonna make them do all the work while you glower at me?"

Blue opened his mouth to retort but yet again Green stopped him.

"Come on, Blue. The faster we move the faster all of this ends." He jerked his head to the side, beckoning the blue Link over. Huffing, Blue did as he was told.

"Are you finally ready?"

Shadow was standing just outside the cave, his arms folded neatly over his chest. He was traveling light, carrying nothing but a shield on his back, and the shadow of the Four Sword around his waist. Quite the opposite of his three companions. Red, Green, and Blue were all carrying good-sized backpacks which probably contained the sleeping rolls and some food. A light brown canteen hung on a darker brown string that was attached to the backpacks, easily accessible if need be.

"So," Green said, keeping his voice light, "Which way are we going to go?"

Shadow turned away from the trio, looking at the surrounding area.

The forest in front of him obscured his line of sight. The trees nearly surrounded all three sides (the fourth - behind them - was the cave) but they thinned out so that a rocky path was barely visible. Shadow took a few steps in that direction before turning back to Green, Red, and Blue.

"We'll go this way. If we take this path we'll have to go through the mountains, but it's faster than any other path save the Dark World." The dark Link turned his head to the sky, looking at the moon. "As of right now I'd guess I have about nine hours - ten at the very most - until the sun starts to come up." He pinched the bridge of his nose, eyes closed as he thought. "I'm guessin' it'll take 'bout two nights for us to get to our destination."

"That's all?" Red asked, sounding a bit surprised, "I'd have thought it'd take longer to get to the Dark Mirror."

Red beamed happily, pumping a fist in the air. Blue and Green looked at Shadow who looked back emotionlessly. Just as Blue opened his mouth to say something the shadow turned on his heel and began to walk down the rugged trail. Green sighed and followed, Red right behind him with Blue bringing up the rear.

It'd better take two nights, Shadow thought. If it's any longer they'll get suspicious and the entire plan will be shot to hell!

Shadow balled his fists at his sides as he led the way up the trail. Light blue eyes narrowed in the darkness, the gaze on their guide's back.

© 2010 Scooter

Author's Note

Chapter 2. And me delving a little bit back into the humor genre, which I only manage to really slip into in the Zelda fandom. If anyone manages to find a mistake let me know, please!

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