Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by Scooter

In which the four Links search for more power and where Shadow's loyalties lie are questioned.

"Aren't we supposed to be looking or a damned palace in the sky?"

Green sighed and took it upon himself to place a hand on Blue's shoulder. Light blue eyes met dark blue and Blue huffed in annoyance.

"He's just trying to lead us into a trap and you know it, Green! Red might not be able to see it cause he's too trusting, but you at least should realize it!"

The green Link looked away from his hot-headed friend and instead looked at their guide. The moon was able to illuminate a few feet inside the cave. It looked like any other cave in this land which led to the question of why? Why did Shadow bring them here? Was he really going to betray them to Ganon? Had Vio been mistaken?

Shadow finally turned to the other three, the moonlight reflecting in dark eyes that were unreadable. He just looked at Green, Red, and Blue as if he were appraising them. Blue's hand had been on the hilt of the Four Sword and at Shadow's persisting silence, he began to unsheathe the blade. Finally the shadow began to speak, his voice low and clear in the cave.

"On the subject of me leadin' you three into Lord Ganon's clutches so that he can brutally murder you while I return to the Dark World to finish Vio off so that darkness can cover the world-" Shadow couldn't stop the smug smirk that resulted after seeing the shocked faces of his temporary companions. It was obvious - painfully so - that those exact thoughts had gone through their minds. Undaunted, Shadow resumed his explanation. "On that subject my friends-" Blue snarled "-you happen to be incorrect. True, I am not leadin' you directly to the Mirror of Darkness, but then again that would be suicide with your current power." The shadow was - as much as he hated to admit it - pleased that Green had not contradicted him, but merely nodded. Red looked like he was about to mimic Green, but the frustrated look on Blue's face must have stopped him.

In fact he seemed mere seconds away from trying to strangle the shadow. His hands even made clenching motions as they were slowly raised to simulate the action that Blue would like to be performing.

Shadow continued. "Without Vio you cannot defeat Vaati, and remember that he can't fight from within the Dark World, not to mention he has no weapons. If you can't defeat Vaati, then there's no way in hell you can defeat Lord Ganon. As for the reason I've brought you here, I just thought you'd like a boost to your strength."

Deep blue eyes narrowed at Shadow. "Does Vio know about this?"

There it was. A small hesitation that didn't even last for one second but was long enough for Blue to catch.

"Of course." The indifferent mask had returned but the damage had already been wrought. Shadow let no other emotion through, but turned so his back was to the three Links.

"Prove it."

Light blue and red eyes turned to Blue as the challenge was spoken. The innocent Link glanced over to Shadow to see what the response would be.

"I can't call the mirror, moron," Shadow's smirk returned as he spoke. "The moon might not hurt me as much as the sun does, but it does drain me."

Blue advanced slowly, his hands clenching and unclenching. "I don't give a damn if it hurts you. Call Vio!"

Shadow hadn't meant to take a step back, but he had and that was all Blue needed. The fiery boy lunged towards the shadow, shoving him back against the rocky wall. Shadow hissed, one eye closing as he attempted to shove Blue away from him. The impact had hurt but Shadow was certain there'd be nothing but bruises when he returned to the Dark World. It wasn't that he was scared of Blue, but his powers were already diminishing and he hadn't wanted to risk a fight. All the air left his lungs when Blue punched him in the stomach and he'd never been more grateful to another person when Green finally managed to haul Blue off of him.

Green had his arms hooked under Blue's armpits in the same hold Shadow had been in not a day before. Shadow made out that Red was kneeling in front of him, worry creasing his forehead.

Damnit! The punch shouldn't have hurt that much, but because of his waning powers, Shadow was easier to injure. The shadow grunted slightly and swatted Red's inquiring hands away irritably. The red Link didn't even look injured when Shadow had shoved him away, but instead looked a bit concerned. Shadow's black eyes were latched onto Blue as he struggled against Green's hold.

All at once the angry gaze shifted to the side, showing that Blue would be glowering at the leader if he could. Shadow began to speak once more, his voice steady.

"Before I even consider assistin' you any further I want your word - no - I want you to swear upon the Goddesses that the child won't assault me again."

Blue ceased his struggling, waiting for Green's answer. The dark Link had slowly risen so he could better see. Red looked between Shadow and Green from his crouched position, his optimism momentarily drained. Green bit his bottom lip, his light blue eyes holding emotions that his face did not express.

"I swear on the three Goddesses Din, Nayru, and Farore that none of us will harm you."

Green finished, but Shadow spoke again. "Add that none of you - Red, Blue, or even Vio - will force me out into the sunlight. If I need to - not that I can think of any way that would require it - I'll go on my own."

The snarl that resulted from the request was obviously Blue's but Shadow nor Green paid it any mind. Red was the only one who looked at the hot-headed Link.

Maybe we should start calling him 'sparky'? Red silently clapped his hands over his mouth to cover his giggle at the thought.

Shadow watched Green's illuminated face, paying close attention to the other's eyes.

"I swear on the Goddesses Din, Nayru, and Farore that none of my companions, myself included, will force you out into the sunlight. You will go out during the day by your own volition."

The shadow finally seemed satisfied and he inclined his head. "Thanks ever so much." The voice was full of thinly veiled sarcasm.

"Now before a certain blue-clad moron wastes anymore of the night we should get movin'."

Shadow turned away from the other three, walking further into the cave. His voice made its way to three pairs of ears, and it had a weary ring to it. "We've got a lot to do, a long way to go, and not a lot of time left."

Green heaved a sigh and motioned briefly for Red and Blue to follow. Optimism returned to the red-clad Link, and he jumped up with renewed energy, dashing after Green. Blue growled, his hand gripping the hilt of the Four Sword tightly until his knuckles began to turn pale. Scoffing at the stupidity of it all, Blue trotted after the other three.

The cave eventually began to narrow as it became a tunnel. Shadow and Blue had both been silent since Green had spoken the oath to the Goddesses. Red had occasionally tried to start up a conversation, but Green always gave him a look that silenced him. This silence, which was by no means comfortable, was broken by a sudden light up ahead.

Green, Red, and Blue all shielded their eyes from the sudden onslaught of light, but Shadow forced his eyes to adjust quickly. The quartet emerged from the tunnel and Shadow looked around the large room, assessing it. Examining it.

Right up ahead were stone steps that led up to four pedestals that held nothing. A small triforce design was on the front of each pedestal. Each one of the four triforces was a different color: Green. Red. Blue. Purple. The walls of the room were a dark gray stained even darker by blood in some places. Candles were suspended on the walls, illuminating the room and casting flickering shadows. A tapestry was suspended on the wall behind the empty pedestals. This tapestry was the one thing in the room that provided color other than the four triforces, the gray walls, and the blood on said walls. The image on the tapestry was that of seven figures, three female and the other four male. The top of the tapestry was a mix of light blue and white; the sky. A golden light surrounded the females as they hovered near the top.

The female on the right had dark green hair that was pulled up into two pigtails on her head. Her eyes were the same dark green and she seemed to be clothed in a flowing emerald gown, brown dotting up the sides and front. Her face was set and stern, showing she would be willing to do anything it took. It spoke of a few emotions, but courage stood out among all of them.

The female in the middle had long red hair that flowed out behind her as if being blown by a gentle wind. A few strands had fluttered across a fair face with fierce dark red eyes that spoke of power. She, too, wore a flowing gown, though hers was red, and the bottom appeared to be burned away.

The final female had blue hair that would remind one of a lake or sea. Her hair was held up, pressed to the sides of her head against her ears. Her bangs fell mostly over her eyes which were a deep blue that managed to convey vast knowledge and wisdom. Like the other two, she was wearing a flowing gown, but hers was a royal blue. Unlike the first, which hugged the body of the woman, and unlike the second, which went straight down, only separating from the woman at the bottom, this one was different: All the way down the gown were different shades of blue and it gave the four Links (yes, even Shadow) a sense of tranquility.

Below the three women were four males, and it didn't take much thinking to figure out who they were. They were lined up, their faces unable to be seen. Not that it mattered; the coloring of the tunics gave it all away. The boy on the far left was wearing a green tunic, and although you couldn't see his face, it was easy to tell his head was held up high. The boy to the right of the one clad in green was wearing a bright red. To the right yet again was the third boy, this time clothed in blue. The final boy, the one on the far right, was garbed in purple. All four of the boys held the same position with their heads held high, and their right arm extending upwards toward the sky and the Goddesses. Predictably, each extended hand was holding a sword. The Four Sword. A golden light surrounded the four boys and at the very edges of the tapestry one could see a few - just a few - black spots that most likely symbolized the end of darkness and the beginning of light.

"Is that . . . us?"

The long silence had been shattered by Red's soft voice. The chamber rang with the quiet voice, making it sound like fanfare instead of a simple question.

"It's obvious, isn't it?" Blue replied. Even his voice was soft, as if he didn't want to break the spell everyone seemed to be under. Instinctively, Blue and Red looked at Green, hoping he at least would know what the tapestry meant. Their hopes were crushed however when Green looked just as lost as they did.

"Legend says that someday Vaati, along with Lord Ganon will be released from their imprisonment within the Dark World. It continues on to say that a hero would take up the sacred Four Sword and challenge the two beasts. The legend is saying that this feat can be accomplished with just the Four Sword alone." Shadow spoke softly, his tone almost the exact opposite of his normal, taunting 'I'm-better-than-you' tone. "That's the basic legend, anyway. Heh. How foolish." The shadow broke away from the small group and slowly walked up the stone steps, his black eyes focused on the large tapestry. He stopped about a foot away from the impressive piece of art and looked at it closely.

Shadow grunted in satisfaction, turning finally to the other three. "Upon closer inspection you can see some writin' around the edge of this thing."

"What does it say, O Wise One?" Blue asked, sarcasm oozing from his voice.

"Well, sparky," Shadow began, his voice calm as if he were speaking to an unruly child. "If you would actually let me talk, then you wouldn't be so confused."

Shadow looked on in mild amusement as Red began to giggle at Blue's new nickname. He didn't wait for Blue's response before he resumed speaking.

"This legend is so much better. More realistic, I think. This legend is basically the same, but tells of the four heroes obtainin' a great power that helps them both to grow and prepare for battle. This power is a gift from the Goddesses and is obtainable in this room." The shadow's eyebrows furrowed and he opened his mouth to speak again. "But obviously they are no longer here. They must have been moved before we got here."

"Then. . . ." Shadow turned his eyes to Green. "Then how are we supposed to get this power? Are they actually in this room?"

Shadow scratched his cheek for a moment, his eyes eyes narrowed. "I honestly don't know. It is true that this is the only room . . . but. . . ."

"Maybe there are other rooms but they're just invisible?" Green, Blue, and Shadow all looked at Red in surprise.


The thought that there were other rooms, just invisible, hadn't even crossed the minds of the other three.

Green looked beyond Red so he could see Blue, then forward to look at Shadow. The shocked look Green was sure he wore was mirrored on the faces of Shadow and Blue.

"That is . . . possible," Shadow admitted, his head turned away from the others.

"Even if it is, how the hell do we go about finding these hidden rooms?" It seemed that Blue was not happy to have been showed up by Red of all people.

"Should we just feel around the walls?" Green asked, looking around the room himself.

The dark Link began his descent down the stone steps. "That does appear to be the only method." He suddenly jerked his head to the three in front of him. "Keep the Four Sword out. It may not be completely restored, but for this it should be enough."

The sound of blades being unsheathed.

"We are lookin' for the triforce pieces in other rooms." Shadow explained. "The green, blue, red, and purple ones. That is the goal for this." Shadow's eyes turned sharp. "Oh yes, word to the wise: only touch your own triforce. Green, if you somehow do find another room and a triforce, only touch it if it's green."

"And if it's not your own color?"

Of course Blue had to have a say. Personally Shadow thought the answer was obvious.

"Common sense, sparky, it's a Goddess send. If it isn't your color then just retrace your steps until you're back here, then try another room." With that said, Shadow headed towards one of the walls, running his hands over the rough stone. The blood on the walls was still fresh.

Don't ask . . . don't ask . . . don't ask. . . .

"What about the purple triforce then?" Shadow moved his left hand to the side a few inches and felt it literally go through the stones. Keeping his hand there he turned his head to look over his shoulder at the blue-clad hero. Shadow saw Red and Green on the opposite side of the room, their hands on the wall, but looking at him and Blue.

"Answer, damnit!"

The shadow tipped a smirk in Blue's direction before walking into the wall where his hand had been. He heard Blue calling after him angrily but he paid him no mind, just continued to walk down what was a pretty narrow corridor.

Shadow could feel the darkness and knew there just might be a fight up ahead. Small yellow lights were peering down at the shadow but the Keese didn't swoop down upon him. Apparently even they knew when attack was a moot point. His hand around the hilt of his own blade tightened. Shadow bit the inside of his cheek.

Although the exposure was minimal, Shadow could tell his strength was waning. There might or might not be a fight. It all depended on if his plan was working.

The corridor was long and dark, making it a difficult trek even for the shadow. He had no warning whatsoever when the area around him suddenly lit up.

"Agh! Damnit!" Shadow hissed, covering his eyes and waiting for them to adjust to the blinding glare. It took about ten seconds, but to Shadow it felt longer. For each second that passed he expected to be ambushed. When his sight returned to him, Shadow first looked up at the ceiling, then down at his feet.

Just as he thought. A circular shadow encircled his boots, letting Shadow know exactly what lurked above him.

"Seems the plan is workin'. Ten seconds is plenty of time for a Wallmaster to attack me."

He took a few steps forward, finally looking at the room fully.

It was small and at the very back was a small wooden chest. Shadow advanced confidently, noticing that as he got closer more monsters appeared. Even Shadow didn't know how they got there. It was almost as if they had been wearing something that made them invisible, and as Shadow approached it was thrown off, allowing them to be seen.

First was another Wallmaster, then a Re-dead, then finally two Stalfos. They were all just looking at the shadow, watching as he advanced towards the chest. The two Stalfos were standing in front of the chest, obviously guarding it to prevent anyone from getting too close. The skeletal warriors' posture was lax and the dark Link was able to approach the chest easily. The Stalfos even stepped to the side to allow Shadow easier passage. The clicking of bones was the only sound in the near-silent room. Shadow took a deep breath, steeling himself, then reached down to unhook the golden latch on the front of the chest. He pushed the top of the chest back to reveal an object that glinted slightly in the dim light.

The object was a small purple triangle that Shadow knew instantly as one of the four triforces that were hidden. Shadow reached inside the chest, grabbed the triforce piece, and held it in front of him, looking at it. The triforce piece was small, easily fitting in the palm of his hand.

"Hmm. This will drain my powers a bit more than I'd like but I have to. I have to if I want to stay with the plan."

So he weighed his options like he usually did. The good versus the bad; the pros and the cons.

The bad: his power would take a hit, he'd run the risk of being found out, his power would remain low for a long time, and he might royally screw up everything.

The good: the plan would stay on track, and if the drain was too much, daybreak would be soon enough so that he could return to the Dark World without suspicion.

The drawbacks certainly were greater in number and had pretty bad consequences, but Shadow knew - had known - what he would pick in the first place.

A blackish fog formed around the small triforce, covering it, and gradually vanishing. While the fog was now gone, the triforce piece had turned pitch black. Shadow growled, his black eyes narrowing in anger and seemingly ever-apparent frustration.

"Come on, damnit!" he snarled, entire body tensing.

The black color of the triforce piece began to fade from the top, revealing the deep purple from before. It took about tree seconds before the original color returned completely.

The dark Link was suddenly bent double, his left hand grasping the edge of the chest. He would have liked to brace himself against the wall but he felt that he would collapse if he tried to take so much as a single step. Why was he underestimating the drain on his powers lately? That was a question to which Shadow didn't know the answer. A few seconds passed and Shadow finally managed to catch his breath. The dark Link pushed himself away from the chest and took an experimental step backwards.

A bit wobbly but bearable.

He looked down at his hand and examined the triforce piece, checking to make sure the color was still purple, which it was. Shadow closed his hand again and turned around completely to face the entrance of the small room. Despite the sudden weakness he felt, Shadow moved briskly back the way he had come. Curiously, he looked down at his feet, noticing that the circular shadow was gone. Good. While both Shadow and the Wallmasters were creatures of darkness, the sight of those rotting hands gave even Shadow the chills.

"At least I was given a personality."

With that thought to accompany him the shadow retraced his steps back to the main chamber.

"I'll probably be the first one back," he murmured as he walked through the trick wall, shivering slightly at the odd feeling.

Sure enough the main chamber was devoid of all life save the shadow himself.

"I know the sun will rise son, but I have no idea when. . . ." Shadow walked to the entrance of the long tunnel and focused, trying to see if he could detect any glimmer of light. No such luck. He turned again so he was facing the large tapestry.

"Nothin' left to do other than wait for them to get back."

The shadow leaned back against the uneven wall, sinking down and pulling his knees to his chest, prepared for a long wait.

© 2010 Scooter

Author's Note

If I messed up grammatically at all, it'd be real helpful if someone mentioned it. As much as I'd like it to be, my grammar isn't perfect.

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