Born of Fire, Yet so Cold

Born of Fire, Yet so Cold

A Story by Scooter

She was born of fire and yet she felt so cold when she thought of him.


She couldn't help it. Why wouldn't he come in? Kura knew that Vin was a night owl, but this was just ridiculous!

Her daughter, Kenina was staying at Raziel's house with her husband Kaoru, and Jay was also at Raziel's, most likely being comforted by Ryu.

"Vin?" she called tentatively, her brows knotted in confusion. The darkness outside was all-consuming, and the silence in the empty house rang. That's when it hit her. He had gone. Vin was dead. He wasn't going to come back. It felt like someone had taken a knife and stabbed her through the chest, burying it to the hilt and twisting. Tears began to burn in her eyes and she curled her knees to her chest, falling onto her side.

"V-Vin. . . . W-Why. . . .? H-How?"

A faint whiff of his scent wafted into her oversensitive nostrils, and her eyes snapped open. A gasp left her and she sat up quickly, looking around before realizing that the scent was only coming from the pillow next to her. Small blood-red jewels fell onto the off-white sheets, and small whimpers left her, making her sound like a wounded puppy. Her jet-black ears were flat upon her head and she reached over, taking the pillow that held her husband's scent, and holding it close, inhaling the smell.

A panic filled her when the thought that the scent would eventually leave and she curled upon herself tighter, clenching her eyes shut, another whimper escaping her.

"Please, Vin . . . Please, I'll do anything, come back."

Outside, the stars seemed dull, and the moon almost non-existent. Even the crickets seemed quiet. It was almost as if everything �" even the heavens themselves were mourning the loss of Vin and Kaitou RavenCraft.

He had changed her; made her who she is. If she had never had any children, he would have been her reason for living, but after Kaitou and Kenina were born, she found another reason to live. She wanted to die, yes. The pain in her heart was monumental, but she had to look after Jay and Kenina.

A gentle breeze flowed through the window and played against Kura's skin. It was almost as if she could hear his voice speaking to her. It was almost like he was somehow telling her to keep on living. Kura wanted to grasp that voice, make it stay.

"V-Vin . . . I l-love y-you. . . . Never will I forget you. . . . Thank you . . . thank you for everything, love."

The wind caressed her face one last time before fading to nothing, leaving Kura alone with the pillow that smelled of the only man she had ever loved.

It was weird, how she could have fire inside of her, and yet be so cold.

© 2010 Scooter

Author's Note

I wrote this a LONG time ago. It was my first attempt writing something involving the death of a loved one. Romance and tragedy are not my strong genres but I'm trying to improve.

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Added on August 13, 2010
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Hey. I'm Scooter and I was completely right in my assumption.... My motivation AND inspiration were all trapped in school. I guess I'll be writing more, again. Anyway, I probably won't be putting .. more..

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