Behind These Bars

Behind These Bars

A Poem by Scooter

A poem I was forced to do in English last year. 24 or more lines, and 5 or more words in a line. No rhyme scheme. I fail at poetry.


Her red eyes glinted bright

as stars in the darkness.

The bars held her in,

restrained. Confined. The voice in

her head was merely complicating everything, slowly driving her insane,

making her lose all reason.

In her profession she needed

reason like food and water.

It whispered inside of her,

tempting, teasing like one would

taunt a dog with treats.

It promised escape, release, freedom.

The voice, no, the creature

in her mind took over,

and the girl lost herself,

let the creature combine its magic with hers.

She was free yet still felt cornered.

The creature tried to steal everything,

but it was halted, finally, and the girl had never

felt so relieved. The creature

had vanished; now she's free.

Unfamiliar to familiar, safe. Friendly.

Kura surrendered to oblivion at

last, into a peaceful slumber.

© 2010 Scooter

Author's Note

This is my story 'Open Captivity' except in poem form. I ran out of ideas when my teacher told our class to do a story poem.

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thats cool! you made a story into a poem. AND it all fit together well! this is great. you should keep writinggg!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on August 18, 2010
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Hey. I'm Scooter and I was completely right in my assumption.... My motivation AND inspiration were all trapped in school. I guess I'll be writing more, again. Anyway, I probably won't be putting .. more..

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