Where Worlds Collide

Where Worlds Collide

A Poem by Yuppitsme

The difference in realities for two people...as different as night and day


Where Worlds Collide


Every Monday night, every fall I danced with you

To the Monday Night Football Theme

Silly for the neighbors to see

Unabashed, unembarrassed I was

To be in your arms

Frolicking around our living room…one of “our things.”

And I believed that you love me.


And now I find…

That in your world

That I cannot dance,

That I am too sick to move,

That I don’t care about your needs.

And that in your world

You are embarrassed of me.


Every night of the week I served you

Dinner in front of the TV

Despite my wanting to sup with you,

You finish before I can start.

I place your napkin on your head

Instead of your lap…another one of “our things.”

And I believed that you love me.


And now I find….

That in your world,

That I never make dinner,

That I am lazy,

That I am never with you.

And that in your world

You have to fend for yourself.


Every night at bedtime I ask you

To please take me in your arms

To please be with me…to make me feel wanted

I understand that you are tired…

But on your way up the stairs, you flash me

The “I love you” sign….just another one of “our things.”

And I believed that you love me.


And now I find….

That in your world,

That I have no room for you,

That I have to regard for you,

That I pushed you away.

And that in your world

You have filled your heart, your bed, your needs…with others.


Every weekday morning in the last ten years I awakened alone

To new and wonderful possiblities

You have already left for work, but

You kiss me on the forehead before you go

And whisper, “I love you hunny have a great day.”

You didn’t think I heard you, but I did….yet another one of “our things.”

And I believed that you love me.


And now I find

That in your world,

That you call our home a prison cell,

That you cannot wait to get to your others,

That you fill your world with two dimensional love.

And that in your world

You are an entirely different person.


In my world,

Not a Monday night will go by…without me dancing.

Not a dinner will go by….without a napkin on my head.

Not a night will go by….without me feeling love from someone.

Not a morning will go by….without me feeling the chance of new possibilities.


But in your world,

I will no longer dance in your living room.

A napkin can lie in your lap.

You can please yourself, and be alone with yourself.

You can wake up alone, without me.


Because in your world,

       I never deserved you,

       I only embarrassed you,

       I was never with you,

       I was a guard in your prison cell, and


Because in my world, (and now in yours…)

I no longer believe that you love me.

© 2010 Yuppitsme

Author's Note

Any review is welcome....thanks!

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Very nice. Keep writing. Do u read my writing?

Posted 8 Years Ago

Another great poem. I wasn't at all sure what direction this would take.

Elton Camp

Posted 12 Years Ago

I remember my Ex husband, he was kind of like this. He had other bad issues i don't like to talk about. I can feel this one. I can feel your heart and soul in this write.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on July 14, 2010
Last Updated on July 14, 2010
Tags: end of relationship, reality, heartbreak



Beacon Falls, CT

My name is Lori...and I live in Connecticut. I'm a mom and a wife...i'll always be a mom....not sure how long i'm going to be a wife.... And that fact makes me extremely sad. more..


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