New Life

New Life

A Chapter by Yuuki

My life is now over. Everything I held dear, is gone. But now, I have to forget my time on earth, and focus on my new life here on Heaven.

Darkness, was all I could see. I could feel a staggering pain in my heart since that knife had struck it. I regret letting that stranger into my home, I would still be alive if I hadn't. Seeing only a light in the far distance I knew that my life was over, I knew there was no turning back. I could feel nothing until suddenly there were arms under me, carrying me towards the light. My life had ended anyway why should I care what happened to my soul? I closed my eyes, just waiting for it all to be over. Before I knew it  I heard a voice, calling out to me.

"Everything is alright. Open your eyes Alice, everything is alright."

As soon as that was said, my eyes flashed open. Before me, was a kingdom. Angels were flying, and birds were everywhere. It was beautiful, there were trees full of sweet apples, fountains, rose bushes with red roses fully blossomed. It took my breathe away. As I stood, I noticed I was wearing a beautiful white gown, glistening in the new light shining down on me. Before I could even take a breath the voice called to me again, in a calm and soothing melody.

"Alice, I am God, and you are in heaven." There was a short pause, but then the voice continued, "Your life was a valued one, it was watched over by the purest of the angels. When your life was taken, I needed to escort you myself to this kingdom."
I could not believe my ears, God was speaking to me. I was a valued soul? I couldn't believe his words. But most of all, I couldn't believe I was in heaven...

"God, please tell me, why was I taken? Why was I taken from my life? From Earth?"

"Your life, was taken unfairly, you were murdered. Listen carefully...your soul was something that was cherished in Heaven, because it was pure. Your soul is something that never comes across a pure and innocent soul." He responded with a relaxing and soothing tone.
I shook my head because his words, his calming voice, didn't make any sense to me. I was never someone who was understood, never someone with another in my heart, always alone. But I didn't have patience to ask him what he was talking about, I just wanted everything to be over.

"If that is so, what can I do now? What must I do in this kingdom?"

"You can become my angel, and do tasks in which only someone who has my full trust could complete."
My mind was racing through a thousand thoughts, my soul was pure, and god wanted me to become his angel, he trusted me. I only wanted this to be over, on Earth, I was alone. Always alone, why must that change now? I will become his angel, I thought, and live on through my time in the afterlife as I did on Earth.

"If that is what I am meant to do in the afterlife, I will be happy to become your angel." I responded to him, in the clearest and serious way I could.

"Good. Come to the kingdom when you are ready for your first task, it will be one that requires much patience and bravery, so take your time exploring Heaven." He said, his voice indicating a slight hint of happiness.

"God, if I am an angel, do I get wings? Also, why can I only hear your voice?" I said, completely curious of the new life I was about to live.

"I am the ruler of Heaven, and I am different in every ones mind, I am everything, there is nothing I can truly be, all I wish to do is care after my children, and they have all different versions of me, so I cannot chose to be one thing, without hurting one of my children." He said, a short pause. I heard the snapping of fingers, and then he resumed, "...And there are your wings. I'll be in the Kingdom when you are ready for your task."

"Alright. I will be there soon." I responded.

His voice left and I was all alone, wandering Heaven. As I walked, I felt a slight pain in my back. I looked back and wings were sprouting from my back. Soon, they blossumed. They were beautiful, the white feathers were elegant and soft, as I touched them, I could feel happiness. Gold feathers were on the outline of the wings, they were almost transparent in this cloudy kingdom. Flowing and spectacular, but most of all they were mine. I knelled and lifted myself off the ground.

Not bad for my first time, I thought. As I flew, I looked down, taking in the beautiful sights that Heaven had. I noticed this whole kingdom was resting on the clouds. Then I realized, this wasn't a dream. Everything was real. I had been murdered, my soul was taken to heaven, and I did become God's Angel. As I realized this, I sighed. Another life is waiting for me now. My soul will never truly be happy; never truly at peace. I looked onward, and kept flying towards the kindgom and through the clouds, enjoying what seemed to be, a calm moment. This was my new life, a new tale is was about to begin.

© 2010 Yuuki

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Haha. Im so glad you like it! :D

Posted 14 Years Ago is awesome!!!!!! i like it alot lol.. xD cant even find the words to say.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Oh. Thanks a lot! =] That helps me, and Im glad that you like the plot. Yeah, Im kinda bad at placing commas, semi-colins and all that. But, I'll work on it. Thanks again and I hope to see what you think on the rest of the book! :D

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

You've got a knack for descriptions. However, you also seem to be a bit comma-happy, which makes them seem jerky and disconnected. This is a good plot from what I've seen though; I can't wait to see more.

Posted 14 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

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