Cruel Awakening

Cruel Awakening

A Chapter by Zackman220

I awoke this morning with a strange sent in the air. It smelled like scrambled eggs, rye toast, and bacon. I have not smelled that smell since i was able to cook for myself. Well, i went to go investigate the smell and i was surprised to see Julia standing there in her pajamas making us food.
"May I inquire why you are doing this?" I playfully asked.
"Well since you had to 'deal' with me last night. I decided to make something special for you."
"Well that is very nice of you to do." an annoying beep began to protrude from my watch. 
"Damn it! Always when i'm with a beautiful woman, too." I ate my breakfast and kissed Julia and went to answer my call.
"What the f**k do you want Damion?" I demanded, "I was with my girl eating breakfast that you just had to interrupt."
"Well, we have good news." he said cheerfully.
"What good news? Last i heard we were nearly two months before we got the sensors up."
"Well things have changed ever since your mind control device was finally able to take over the rival group members minds. We were able to cut the work into eighths. So, i am at your mansion waiting for you to come and see me."
"Well, that is some extremely good news." i said excitedly, "Julia and I will meet you there in about twenty minutes."
"Alright." he replied and his image blinked out.
Right after i hung up with my brother, i took Julia upstairs and set the clothing machine to casual female. She went in and came out in a t-shirt, a mini skirt, tights, and a nice pair of heels. It was my turn to go in. I went in and came out. I wore my duster coat, grilled-cheese shirt, carpenter pants, and my military issue combat boots with boot knife.
We left the house around 3:30 in my vintage VR-488 classic air car. It took us about fifteen minutes later than i expected. Damion was there and he looked a little more muscular than before. He was still his normal 6'5", long blacked hair self. 
"Hows it going little brother?" he playfully said.
"Well considering my second in command is back, i'm going to have to say a whole lot better." with the normal brotherly banter under way. I almost forgot to introduce Julia.
"Oh, before we go any further let me introduce you to Julia Reinheit."
"Oh so that is your lovely woman. My name is Damion Hungersnot. And if you're wondering why we are brothers but have different last names. I can-"
"Yes i've your story many times and Gabriel has told me before." she interrupted.
We all got caught up and we all left in my air car. We headed towards my office. When we got there, there was a lot of people standing outside. I was wondering why they were. That was until i noticed the look of shock and disgust on their faces. I hurried through the crowd until i reached the scene. It was an employee and he was literally turned inside out. I almost became sick but i had to maintain my status.
"Attention! Hello ever body, I guess you've seen what has happened to this-" a shriek stopped me from continuing my speech. It was Julia and she was as white as a ghost.
"Ri-Ricky!" she screamed. Ricky was Julia's lover until he recently turned out to be a dick. He was there lying on the ground in front of the man entrance turned inside out except fo his head which was cut off and placed on top of the stomach which was excreting bile. It was a horrific sight to witness. All Julia did was look at me and said "WHY?!"
"I did not do anything. I swear." i tried to defend myself bu it wasn't enough. She came up to me and slapped me right across my face. It stung for a little bit but then she hugged me and kissed where she slapped me. I was utterly confused but, i'm used to this type of insanity from running this hell hole.
"As i was saying before i was interrupted. I have been meaning to do this for a while no but, it wasn't important until now. Well, it is about time for me to take control. I have finally realized that if i want to be taken seriously i will need to destroy every one that is in my way. So, i'm sorry to say this but welcome to hell at the moment. To all of you who would want to say something i have only one thing to say: Is it worth it?" with those threatening words said every one went to work.

© 2010 Zackman220

Author's Note

Free to say what you want.

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I'm loving it

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