Meeting Time

Meeting Time

A Chapter by Zackman220

Todesfall gets a shocking briefing of his plans failure.

Walking that was always a nuisance. It never serves a purpose ,but running has a purpose. Running will take you where ever you wanted and at a reasonable speed. Of course though i could not run i had to walk cool and collect to the meeting room. I was definitely not looking forward to sitting down with all of these others. I didn't even have a clue why I decided to have people look over different sections of the government. It worked for America, Britain, Poland, and even great Russia until the great change. 
I entered the room and saw that no one payed any attention to my arrival so i decided to be nice. I walked up to my chair at sat down on it. I waited a while and Julia looked at me with a very curious expression. I looked back at her. I noticed that she was wearing a very strange complexion on her cheeks again. Her lips were wearing he favorite black lipstick, her eyes with her black eyeliner, and her red eyeshadow were all highlighted by her tight business suit. I finally realized why she was looking at me funny. It hit me like a lightning bolt. I was about to start the meeting half an hour later than normal.
I cleared my throat. "Welcome. I'm sorry for calling this meeting up so soon but, it had to be done." people turned and now listened. "I believe that all of you have received the report in full about the attack on me."
"Well sir we all know about that and we were wondering what you are going to do." said the speaker.
"Well, here's my plan: First, time to improve everything in our military and make sure none of it leaks. Second, i want to make sure that our borders our fully protected. Third, search and destroy any and all oppositions. Finally, we will destroy and destroy until there is no more to destroy!" That notion of complete fabrication was well received with a standing applause.
"Now on with matters. We need to improve our battle-walkers. I want them to be modeled after my own personal one. Engine, weaponry, even the armor, i want everything."
“Alright sir, we will begin with the deconstruction and the reconstruction of our battle-walker squadrons. I will advise you that it may take a couple of months but it will be done.” said the Military Commander.
“Alright then. Anyone else have anyother input?"
"I do sir." said the very rarely heard and seen secret ops director.
"Alright. Talk."
"Sir it has been brought to my attention that we are lacking in the secret art of wire tapping. We believe that we need to monitor the citizens talking and what not for the safety of this great nation. Also, we were wondering if you need any internal information about Hungersnot and his groups."
"Hmmmm, Ok i give you the permission on wire tapping, but only wire tapping communciations nothing else. Also, i agree with your premise of having an inside man for intel. I believe that our old friend Wahrheit. I believe he has been surpassing internal information gathering."
"You're absolutely right, sir." and then he sat down. When he was finished speaking i looked across the room and wondered why do all of these idiots even care about me. I took over their country and overthrew their government. The human mind still eludes me today.
"Does anyone else have anything to say." no response from anyone. "Alright then meeting is now over." They began to pan out.
"Oh, Mr.Zerstörung a word before you leave." i loved saying that and watching whoever i called face get pale.
"Ye-Yes sir? What is it?"
"I want you to make sure that no one and i mean NO ONE is able to see what i'm about to show you. Is that clear?"
"Yes, sir." I stood up and left the room with Mr.Zerstörung in tow. We reached a wall and he looked confused at me until i pressed the hidden switch and a door opened up and we walked inside. There stood in its gelaming glory my other battle-walker.
"Sir i thought you only had one battle-walker."
"I do with the military. This is my own personal hand made one from the scraps of everyday material and other battle-walkers." I preceded to show him ,Prima, he was amazed at what i did. He did not expect that it ran on no gas or fuel of any kind.
"Sir how were you able to transition it to pure electricity?" he asked perplex.
"Easily. First you put hardened plastic covered solar panels on top of the walker. Then you replace the main gyro connector with a static generator, so everytime you move it recharges the battery. Lastly you have to make sure that when you power down that the battery has enough of a charge to be started up again. That is what i did to make sure it would work. Do you want to take a ride in it?" he stood there shocked but gave me a nod. We climbed into the walker. I let him drive. We went around for awhile.
"How is that even possible? I mean how come it can go faster than our other walkers by 60km/h?"
"Easy. The body is made out of a titanium alloy and i have no heavy engine inside of it weighing it down. Now, would you like to know what type of weapons it has?" he nodded. "Alright. This baby packs two medium gauss rifles, four V-Laser cannons, four LRHM, and one AR-VL minigun."
"That is very impressive sir, but why did you show me all of this?"
"Because that is what you are making every battle-walker into."
"Ok, but now it might take a month to three."
"Thats fine. I believe you know your way out." and with that siad he left and then it was followed by the clicking of high-heels on cement. i turned around. There stood Julia looking at me in astonishment.
"Gabriel we sorta have a small problem."
"What is it? I don't care what it is just tell me what it is."
"Well the northern border is being attacked and it is a 10:1 battle favoring Hungersnot."
"S**t! Get me battle command up there pronto." Nice move brother, nice move. Now wait and watch what i have instore for you.

© 2010 Zackman220

Author's Note

Anything that you find wrong, please bring it out to my attention.

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Added on March 28, 2010
Last Updated on April 14, 2010
Tags: Todesfall, Julia, Hungersnot, Science Fiction, Anarchy, Cloning, Zackman220
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