A Chapter by Zackman220

Todesfall plans the plan to rescue Warheit.


     People are always leaving and going into my life no matter how or for what reason. Of course me being the leader of a new country I should expect that sort of thing. Well, I don't like it at all. I awoke in the morning feeling like absolute s**t. I didn't want to do what needed to be done. I felt like quitting and letting my brother beat me again. Oh well, life's a b***h and I have to get used to it.  

     I finally got up and ready for my day with danger. I got up kissed Julia on the cheek and began to dress. I felt like going with my black fatigues again. I checked my arm for ammo making sure it was well in supply, I also checked my side arm. Every thing was fully loaded and operational. I began to get my boots on when the phone began to rang. I sighed and let it ring. I grabbed my duster and walked outside to my awaiting military transport.  

     Inside of the vehicle I saw the faces of my trusted guards and one new face. I assumed it was my new right hand. I greeted him and we exchanged some words, but nothing of importance. The ride to the front line was rather quiet and it felt like ages until I was told it was all clear for us to go to the HQ. Once at the HQ we discussed our battle plans and I told them that I would need roughly one platoon of men and an air pickup without questions being asked.

     “Is there anything else you wish to have Commander?” the general asked.

     “No, but are the black ops ready and waiting?” I inquired.

     “Sir, yes sir!”

     I turned and walked away from the soldier knowing that they had no idea why they needed to press forward at such an accelerated rate. I walked to the room that I told the platoon to meet me at.

     “Greetings gentlemen.” I announced.

     “Hello, Sir!” the replied in unison.

     “Well, I'm sorry to announce this to you men, but you might not make it through today. In fact maybe half of you will return and to that half that don't you have my condolences. Today men we will attack Hungersnot by flanking him across the mountains and establishing points of resistance here and here. Once those points of resistance are established it is crucial to this missions success that these spots be held no matter what comes at you. After the resistance points are established the Black Ops and I will break into the headquarters and hopefully rescue Warheit. We will then fall back to the POR's and I will call in the air pickup and an artillery barrage to cover our escape.” I calmly stated.

     “Sir, why does Warheit have this much importance?” a soldier piped.

     “Because he withholds so much information of our country that if Hungersnot gets his hands on it he can and will destroy this whole country and even your family!” I angrily retorted. “Now does everyone have the plan understood?”

     “Sir, yes sir!”

     “Good. Better have it well known we are leaving at O five hundred.”

    With my final words said the audience dispensed and I went over to take a seat. I can't believe I'm doing this for a stupid man who got himself captured, but the thought of me being able to kill my brother would be the sweetest thing that could happen during this trip. I wished now that we were leaving immediately after I gave my speech, but they troops needed time to familiarize themselves with the strategy and with the new equipment that they just received. I bet none of them ever held a repeating rifle from the old days.  

     That was the only surprise I had for my brother. Since he was expecting us to come in with our state of the art lasers and not this old tech he would probably have his troops wearing the new laser resistant armor. I feel poor for those clones that had no idea that we will come with our outdated tech to kill them all and to end this conflict once and for all. I looked down at my watch. It said four thirty. I sighed. Time for me to get ready for tonight.

© 2010 Zackman220

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Added on April 28, 2010
Last Updated on December 22, 2010
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