A Chapter by Zaire

*earlier that day*
Syn: Belle I love you, I really do. So don't take this the wrong way...
Belle: YES! I KNOOOW! *Mocking* Belle you need to get a real job, Belle tumbling clothes on tumblr doesn't make you a fashion blogger,Belle instagram followers dont keep the lights on, Belle what are you doing with your life,Belle you're a complete loser.
Syn: Hey! stop! I'm just saying, the restaurant was cool for a bit,when you were still going  to school, now it's kinda starting to *sigh* look I love tumblr just as much as the next but come on. Just give me something, some kind of hint as to what your future holds? What you want to do? What you want to be? Something? When you're not serving food, at times a tiring job I know, You're here lounging eating and posting stuff on social media, what's up?
Belle: *straight face*........ you sound like mom.
Syn: somebody has to Belle, you really need to start thinking about your future, being cute is going to work forever.
Belle: tell that to models and Taz's angel's.
Syn: somebody needs to. look, I have to go to work I'll be there late tonight so at some point can you clean up a bit maybe go wash some clothes? Please?
Belle: Yes Synthia, what ever you want darling. *rolls eyes*
Syn: sighs* impossible, love you, eat, stay off of instagram, look for a job maybe.*walks out door*
Belle: ugh* 
Steve: soooo, a little bird tells me your birthday is coming up?
Syn: Still stalking my Facebook Steve?
Steve: Ha Ha! You kill me I swear.
Syn: *mumbles* I wish
Steve: what?
Syn: nothing, what do you want steve? I'm extremely busy and I don't want to be here all night.
Steve: well, how about I help yo...
*Telecom* Mr. McCain  please report to room 115 please.
Syn: *focused on work*
Steve: Right. Talk to you later Syn.
Syn: Yeah.

*phone rings*
Syn: Synthia.
Belle: what are you a super hero? 
Syn: ugh* Belle what!?
Belle: sheesh relax gramps, I'm going to the laundry mat a little later, did you need me to take anything?
Syn: uh... No I washed my stuff last last week I'm good for a bit.
Belle: seriously? Fine
Syn: what!?
Belle: nothing talk to you later.
Syn: Hey! Be safe, see you later.

© 2015 Zaire

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Added on May 26, 2015
Last Updated on May 26, 2015
Tags: love, sad, true, fiction, life, teens, adult, story about love, hate, depression, depressed, happy, rich, poor, synthia, unscripted



Living life as it should be lived. Often misunderstood and pre-judged, but forever not caring. Enjoy my writing 😊 more..

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A Chapter by Zaire

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