Chapter 2.3 : Screaming Cliffs continued

Chapter 2.3 : Screaming Cliffs continued

A Chapter by aaaa

Chapter 2 continued

“Wait, where did my field go?” he asked her, no longer even attempting to put panic in his voice, his brain had overloaded a few minutes ago and he had decided to simply stop panicking because it wasn’t improving the situation. He had made the sort of logical decision that one makes when there is far to much improbability going around and you have to inject some sense into a situation.

“It’s still there, I just need the door frame.” She had picked up one of the lengths of cord and tied around the doorframe, then she tugged on the cord to test it’s strength, seemingly satisfied with it’s strength she walked back towards the pack and began attaching to her harness latches and cords and nails and a myriad of other things. She then walked towards him with her arms gull with a similar selection of things, simply minus the nails.

She walked towards the edge and looked down for a moment she began to climb downwards so that now it was only the cord that was supporting her. She lowered herself slightly and pulled one of the things she had attached to he belt. This thing was a hammer, she used it to pound one of the nails into the wall, though it wasn’t really a nail. It looked like a nail on one end but at the head it had a look like the head of a needle. She threaded her rope through it and lowered herself further.

“Come on.” She said to him now about ten feet below the edge of the cliff “, If you don’t come on I am going to have to leave you up there.” She smiled up at him. He looked down at the square latch thing. He had seen her use one to secure the rope to the frame and had a rudimentary idea of what it was for. He walked to the edge and latched onto the guide rope. He then lowered himself down following her down, into the unknown.

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This is really intriguing. I would love to read more when you post it! There are a few spelling/grammatical errors on each page, but nothing big. I apologize, but I am not very good at giving a review until I can finish something, I am one of those weird people who has to watch/read a series from the beginning through the end. I like to be able to put things together.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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