Chapter 3.0: Dream Catchers

Chapter 3.0: Dream Catchers

A Chapter by aaaa

Chapter three of The 4th Gate, Abe meet his first inhabitants of this world.


Dream Catchers

Wow… he thought. They had been climbing for a full ten minutes, and he was finally starting to appreciate just how high the cliff was. They were probably a five hundred feet into the air. He could see the bottom of the cliff. About twenty feet away from the bottom there was a tree line. The trees were all evergreen and from where he could see the trees stretched a good deal of the way into the distance, or at least much to far for him to make out clearly the place where they stopped.

The cliffs were not simply bare rocks, although there were many good handholds for him to grab onto in order to make his way down. Every so often there would be a nest attacked to the cliff. The nests were strange; they seemed to be made of a white crystalline substance. They looked smooth and oddly slick. They reflected the light very well though, but it made looking at them rather painful, as they would be small bright beacons on the cliff.

He even got close enough to touch one at one point. He had reached out and rubbed his hand against it. It had been perfectly smooth and pleasant to the touch, and oddly cold. Very cold, it felt as if they should be frosted. He had been able to look inside of that one. There had been several eggs each the size of his head and dark grey. The nest seemed to have been built on top of a crag in the rock, for the nest extended into a small cave in the back of the nest. The floor of the nest was covered in pine needles. Near the front of the nest one of the shells was broken, and pieces littered the floor.

Curled up in the needles was a baby, a baby leecher. It looked rather like a worm, probably about the length of his forearm. On the end he presumed to be it’s head there was a sucker rather like a leech, it was breathing out of this sucker mouth slowly. Just behind its head the skin membrane of it’s wing started, it sprouted from its neck and the membrane stretched down covering it’s body nearly all the way to the end of its tail. The membrane was covered in a soft looking fluffy down, snow white.

Abe had to suppress the urge to reach out and feel the down, because even though the membrane was thin he had seen the other adult lechers pumping them powerfully as they climbed back up the cliff, so he knew they had to be strong. But it was sleeping it would have been cruel to wake it up. I was still covered in the thick ichors from the inside of the egg, and it had just been born and was probably only hours old.

They were probably a third of the way down by this point. He no longer knew how long they had been climbing. It was mind-numbing work, and frankly boring.. During the time he has simply let his mind wander to other topics, such as the baby leechers, but never straying back to the woman. Not the woman it had been to strange to terrifying. It would cause him to lose concentration, and concentration was something he needed for the climb.

They had to several times move to avoid getting close to adult leechers. They attached to the wall with their tails, but instead of simply being fleshy like the child these ones had a long curved talon on the end of theirs. It was probably a foot long, maybe more, and now that he was close he was able to judge their size. They were between ten and eleven feet long. Absolutely enormous creatures, and around their wing membranes their bodies bulged out and were around one foot thick.

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Author's Note

This took a lot longer than I thought it would, this chapter is a lot longer than my previous ones (around 1.8k words longer)

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wait into you see Laura's (character introduced this chapter) pet Leecher Emma. We meet Emma in chapter four.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Leechers, creepy. Very creepy. I liked it, I liked it a lot. Go you!!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Interesting. I love how you described everything. The leechers sound interesting as well.

I only saw a few spelling errors, nothing that you couldn't fix up with some light editing.

Keep up the good work.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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