Chapter 3.1: Dream Catchers, continued

Chapter 3.1: Dream Catchers, continued

A Chapter by aaaa

Chapter 3 continued

  From below him he heard Margaret speak “We are about to reach the half way mark, I am going to look for a space for us to rest.” Her voice sounded strained and he suddenly realized that she was breathing hard. He did not know exactly how much the climb was taking out of her, but despite never exercising in the field he did not feel even the slight bit winded.

“I found something!” she yelled from below him a few minutes later. He looked down to see that she had found a crag, an extremely large one much bigger than the one that had been contained within the nest.  Margaret swung lowered herself onto the ledge, then she gasped seemingly astonished by what she saw.

“Abe you have to see this. I didn’t think any of them would be still standing.” She exclaimed as Abe lowered himself onto the ledge. Inside of the cave created by the crag was what seemed to be a porthole set into the rock. It had an enormous lever on one side. Margaret walked over to this lever and pulled it excitedly. Just above the lever there was a whistle, it began to pour out steam and make a sound in a frequency several steps above the pain threshold of human ears.

After several moments there was a shuffling behind the door. From within the porthole there were sounds of clanking and thudding of bolts being unlatched. Then the door slowly swung outwards. They had to step back in order to avoid being hit by the door. An old man was standing inside the threshold.

“Hmmm… What is it? Who are you two?” The man’s hair was white and came in wisps around his head. The top of his head stood above the wisps like a mountain poking up out of the clouds. He was wearing strange goggles with many lenses attached to small levers, which were hooked up to the framework from a obviously home made devise.  He flicked several of these levers in order to move a large portion of the lens. He looked up Abe and Margaret again seemingly taking in their details for the first time.

“My oh my, you don’t seem to be from any of the villages further along the cliff. You seem to be outsiders. Come in come in, I could do with some news from the outside world. They say that there hasn’t been a messenger from the brass city in weeks.” He said to us as be beckoned for us to go inside. He was wearing a pair of overalls, which looked to be made of denim just like Margaret’s pants. His shirt was green and looked to be made of wool, here and there were flecks of string sticking out of the shirt. They walked inside after the old man, who fussed over them and ushered them into a small sitting room. The house equally strange as the old man, for the walls were completely covered in picture frames, ever surface was taken up by them, pictures of the man, pictures of his house, and many pictures of other people. One of the largest was of a young woman standing next to the old man, wearing the same overalls and green shirt combo. Her face was covered in what appeared to be oil. Both she and the old man were smiling hugely and they stood in front of what looked to be a aircraft, It’s two wings having enormous brass feathers and huge pulleys attached to them. It looked like a extremely complicated affair.

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