Chapter 3.3: Dream Catchers, continued

Chapter 3.3: Dream Catchers, continued

A Chapter by aaaa

Chapter 3: Dream Catchers, continued

“I’m a dream catcher, and I am surprised you don’t know what we are seeing that you’re clearly an adventurer, climbing the cliffs and using the back door.” She spoke with what clearly was a sense of superiority.

“I am no adventurer ma’am. I was the guardian of the door at the top of the cliff until Margaret came and got me.” Abe said as there was a sharp intake of breath next to him. Both the old man and the Laura were visibly stunned, their eyes wide with surprise. Laura was the first to speak.

“The door on the top of the cliff? What do you mean? It’s always been there, just a door frame. No one guards it and why would you it doesn’t lead anywhere. It’s always just sat there, as long as anyone can remember it has always just been there.” Laura said her superior voice now gone for she was obviously in the presence of the unknown. The old man was the next to say something.

“Yes, that is true, I have records in my library dating back far before I was born. Records written by my master, and my master’s master, and his master stretching back for hundreds of years. It has always just been a door, nothing more.” Said the old man stroking his chin thoughtfully. Margaret was still stupefied, still as a statue. She was obviously trying to think of a way to get out of this situation, and was thinking as fast, but not fast enough. Abe answered the question.

“Well I thought so to, but I think my door might have been different than yours. Margaret came to my field and she brought this key. She unlocked the door and it opened to here, it transported us to the top of your cliff. I hope that is Ok, sorry if we weren’t supposed to.” Abe stammered trying to say it quickly, and at the same time shrink back into his chair out of their view.

“Bother us? Bother us! My dear boy why would it bother us? You’re out worlders. Dear me meeting an out worlder in my life time. I never even dreamed. I know there were legends, but there we just legends. Oh look at me rambling, let me greet you. Greet you properly. I’m mister Sparrow it is a honor to meet you sir.” The old man had jumped up and began to shake Abe’s hand. Abe had no idea what was going on, and had no idea what to do. He simply let himself have his hand shaken. Laura was standing behind the old man glaring at him. Abe shriveled under her gaze so instead looked at Margaret, who looked relieved.

“Sir, I’m sorry but what are you talking about?” Abe stammered out after he had been assaulted by the man’s handshake. He was now very confused, and was still nervous about Laura’s stare.

“How do we know they are really out worlders?” asked Laura. She was looking at mister Sparrow with a frown on her face. Mister Sparrow looked at her sourly. He rounded on her and even though he was shorter than her seemed to tower over her, he presence visibly grew. He exuded an aura of fear that went beyond command over a pupil. It permeated the entire room. Every synapse of Abe’s brain screamed out for him to run, and he broke out into a cold sweat. Laura stood for a moment trying to defeat this onslaught, but she finally lamented and backed down. Mister Sparrow’s aura receded back into himself and he again seemed to be simply a old man.

“My god was that a fear hex? It was powerful. Way to powerful. Mr. Sparrow who are you?” Asked Margaret who to had also broken into a sweat. She was gripping the chair hard, her knuckles turning almost white. Then finally she relaxed her grip.

“Sorry you had to see that. I was just disciplining my pupil. She needs to know even though she is gifted she isn’t a full Dream Catcher yet, and you flatter me to much it wasn’t that powerful. We have just had a good stock of fear dreams lately.” Said the old man who was again beaming at Abe and Margaret.

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