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Every Man-Made thing Seems To Be ' Made in China '

Every Man-Made thing Seems To Be ' Made in China '

A Poem by S.zaynab.kamoonpury

I posted this poem of mine on many sites

Everything I buy to touch and taste
is made in China, made in China
let alone my china set, even my toothpaste
is made in China, made in China.

From my pencils to my stencils
to the golden locks on my stylish lockers
all bear labels of 'made in China' in block capitals
and that explains the thriving of doorbell hawkers.

And for 'economical' me, stuff made in China
does hold a lot of frugal charms
Comes all the way from China, my granny's parka
About 'made in China' I've never had any qualms.

And because I don't intend to fritter away
hard-earned savings on any frippery
for 'made in china' alone shall my purse'n' pocket pay
and don't they play their part perfectly,
both my 'made in China' stereo and frisbee?

And all that 'made in China cutlery and crockery
is just as fragile and breakable as any other
All my life I've stuck to made in China stationery
and their costs haven't been any exorbitant so far.

I've seen latest high quality Chinese huawei cellphones
You can get long lasting quality TV sets of the chinese Hisense brand
You can wisely avoid debts and loans
purchasing brand new grand stuff from
the Chinese land

And then to my surprise I discovered
that many people both here and abroad
tended to buy things made in the land of the Great Wall
for similar reasons: including, they're easier to afford.

Ah, I don't like the idea of squandering away
or thoughtless wasting of wealth
No one could ever make a spendthrift out of me
For that would be unhealthy for budget health!

Are the chinese most proficient at making efficient things?
They manufacture our durable slings and swings.

To refrain from prodigality and unfeeling extravagancy
'made in China' seems to me the solution
Let millionnaires make-believe that only the costly has quality
for I ain't gonna buy that pricey notion!

© 2022 S.zaynab.kamoonpury

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Interesting write on Chinese flooding America with their products, it seems a struggling battle to find something made in America these days. When I was young we made our own products, America was a much prouder country then. Good flow of words ;-}

Posted 6 Months Ago


6 Months Ago

Yeah its the same thing with every country mostly. The chinese are smart active hardworking people m.. read more
Hmm, you really make me think about this poem of yours, not just the topic but the way you wrote it too, it all reads like a newspaper article about you. You vibe such a different feel here for poetry that I really admire. Wonderfully explained and expressed. tyfs

Posted 6 Months Ago


6 Months Ago

Um yeah its about me and others, since most stuff is made in china and most people seem to buy stuff.. read more
I don't buy anything Made in China if I can help it because I'm against child labor, sweat shops, communism and human rights violations. I'm living below the American poverty level and have been all my life but mostly junk and trash come from China; poison dog treats, poison medicines like ranitidine laced with toxic levels of asbestos and talcum powder alike, causing cancer in those who use them. Flammable clothing for toddlers, cheap, fall apart merchandise that isn't worth half of what is paid for it. That's what I see coming out of China. I'd much rather support nations that respect human rights and welfare if I must buy imported merchandise,; nations that support democratic ideals and principles. I buy American made whenever I can but if I pick it up and it says Made in China on it, it usually goes right back on the shelf it came off of and I look around for an alternative. I can't ALWAYS find one but generally, I can and do.

Posted 6 Months Ago


6 Months Ago

Good morn from here, oh my i didn't know china still had child labour, well i do know that there are.. read more
Fabian G. Franklin

6 Months Ago

I am against war, period. There are no good wars, only necessary ones and the last one of those was .. read more
An interesting take on the state of things in the world economy. Well stated.

Posted 6 Months Ago


6 Months Ago

Thanks soo much for the great comment!
Prosody, prosody, prosody. You're ignoring it, but prosody is what makes poetry what it is. It's the reason for the lilt—places it, in fact.

Poetry is a song, and prosody, the melody. Without it, it's just an essay with rhymes.

So dig in. You'll be glad you did. Start by taking a look at the excerpt, on Amazon, to Stephen Fry's, The Ode Less Traveled. He will amaze you by pointing out things you already use without knowing you're doing it.

Then, download Mary Oliver's, A Poetry Handbook. The lady is brilliant.

Sorry my news isn't better, but since we'll not address the problem we don't see as being one, I thought you'd want to know.

Hang in there, and keep on writing.

Jay Greenstein

Posted 6 Months Ago

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6 Months Ago

• with a very natural eastern flavour that i cant shed off.

To an extent, you're ri.. read more

6 Months Ago

Um good morn, believe me most of what you said about masculine, feminine is spanish and greek to me,.. read more

6 Months Ago

• believe me most of what you said about masculine, feminine is spanish and greek to me,
read more

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Added on September 13, 2022
Last Updated on September 14, 2022
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I like to call myself a poetess even though I'm no professional or conventional at writing poetry. Have been writing poems for some time and readers say they get message and/or entertainment from the.. more..


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