Kane, The Silent Master

Kane, The Silent Master

A Story by zerieth

One of my many AMS stories.


Book 4 of the AMS

Chapter 3


Kane sat atop yet another roof top, making it the tenth one in a day. He wasn't paid nearly enough for this sort of thing, and while tracking was his job this was getting out of hand. For three days he had been searching for a rogue agent by the name of Sean Cessler, and for three days the man had eluded him. This wouldn't have been so bad to him except that Sean had not been known for his intelligence even while he was still with the AMS.

To the unknowing reader you may want to pay attention to this. Kane was not just a ordinary human. He was a human capable of using a force known only as aura. He was among but a few humans who could use this power, and they decided to band together to form the AMS. The AMS, or Aura Management Society, was a law group that helped supplement the police force in a age of crime. Their mission was to remove the 3 gangs that ruled the United States, and restore order to it's streets. However, their main objective was to stop aura users who used their powers for crime and self gain. Termed as rogues, these people were systematically hunted down and destroyed before they could cause any real damage.

Going back to Kane, he was but one powerful agent who'd been sent to hunt down a man of no morals, and with great power to boot. That is, if he could find the man. “Blasted it all, and damn it to. Were could that b*****d be?” Kane growled from between clenched teeth. For a man who was not seen as someone who was good at hiding he was doing a great job with it. “Well sitting on this roof top won't find the guy. Off to my next stake out.” With that, Kane leaped off the building. It was four stories to the ground, but Kane was not disturbed. Just a foot from the ground, he released his aura to control the wind. With that he cushioned his fall, then set out for his apartment. “I really need to get a vacation for this job.” Kane said, kicking a rock across the street. “This is driving me insane.”

“Well you don't sound like you made out well today either.” Came a voice from behind him. Kane spun around, right hand opening quickly as he channeled some of his power into it. When he saw who it was though, Kane relaxed. “Zack, that is a really good way to get yourself killed.”

The man he was talking to stood just a few inches taller than Kane. He wore a black overcoat over a white shirt and a pair of jeans. He wore brown leather boots to match his outfit. He was a pale skinned person, and looked lean and fit. Kane himself had black hair, and was tanned. His body was built the same as well, as if he put more stock in agility than in bruit strength. He also wore a gray over coat with black pants and black slip on shoes.

Zack was smiling, which was normal for him. He'd grin his way through a stroke, and would probably die with that look of bliss on his face. “If you think I'm that easy to kill then I feel that you haven't been paying much attention to my fights.”

Kane shrugged. “Never know, a guy may get lucky.”

“Are you telling me you would like to kill me?” Zack asked looking quizical. “I thought you liked me.”

“Zack, there are times were killing you wouldn't sit to badly with me. Anyways, it doesn't seem as if you had much luck either.”

Zack held out his arms, hands raised to the sky. “Can't say I didn't try now. Some people just refuse to come out and play. At this rate I'll die of boredom. Staring at streets was not what I had in mind for this mission.”

Kane continued walking along as Zack joined him. “What did you expect? I thought the man would release his power enough for either of us to sense him. The fact that he hasn't leads me to two conclusions.”

“And they would be?”

“Either he isn't here, or he knows were here and he's playing it safe until we give up and leave.”

Zack took a second to think about this, before replying, “So that means that if we move on he may actually be here, but if he isn't here and we stay then that could be a problem.”

“He could wreak havoc as much as he wanted, which leaves us in a bad position. Do we stay in this town more, or move on?”

“Why not have one of us stay, and the other move on?”

“Zack, you couldn't find your way out of a card board box, and if he wants to stay hidden we are not going to find him that easily. He probably knows there are two of us here, and he won't move until he knows we are both gone.”

Zack winced, but it was true that Kane was the best sensor out of them. There was a standing bet back at HQ on Kane losing someone he was sent to find, and he hadn't lost it yet. It was practically his second salary. “If thats the case there is really only one thing to do.”

Kane looked over at his colleague as they continued through the town. “And that would be?”

“We both move on and come back at a later time.”

Kane paused to think on this. “That might work. If we plant an informant we can catch his move if he decides to make it.”

“Exactly. Well now that we have a plan let's go get something to eat. We can leave for the next town tomorrow.”

“And the informant?” Kane asked.

Zack just waved his hand idly. “Taken care of already. I got a friend here in this town who owed me a favor. He was more than happy to oblige me with this simple task.”

Kane was impressed despite himself. “Always two steps ahead of the game.” He said with grudging admiration.

Zack just smiled back at him. “Isn't that the best way to win a game like this?”

Kane shrugged. “If you say so.”


It had been several weeks before Kane had gotten the call from Zack. “I have some problems to fix up, but my informant just told me that someone with aura powers has just robbed a bank in the town we were last in.”

“Is he our guy?” Kane asked into his cell phone.

“That or a convincing double. I left a picture of the target with him, and he swears it's the guy.”

“Then I guess I should pay him a visit.” Kane said smiling. At last, things were looking up.

“You do that. Lemme know how things go.” Click went the phone as Zack hung up.

Kane put his phone back, and hailed a cab. “Driver, I need to get to Halsberg.”


It didn't take long to track his target now. He'd felt a spike of energy before it went completely out, but he'd had time to sense it and track it. He followed the trail back the source, which was a small house tucked away from everything. He hopped up the stairs and knocked. A second or two passed before he heard a glass break on the other side of the house. His target was running.

Kane gathered his power, then leaped onto the roof of the single story building, and then jumped off down the other side. He could feel his targets power now as he used to bring speed to his legs, but it wasn't fast enough to beat Kane.

Eventually the man stopped and turned to face him. “Just who the hell are you?” The guy asked.

It was Sean alright. The man before him had dirty blond hair and green eyes. He was the same height as Zack and built similarly. He wore a simple t shirt and jeans, and had a wild look about him. “My name is Kane Cross. You are Sean Cessler, murder of a father of five, and thief. I must say you were not an easy guy to find.”

“If you know me then you know I'm strong. So you just stay the hell back.” Sean replied, holding his hand up. “I don't want to kill one of my own.”

“Pity, because I sure as hell wanna kill you. Dance on silent wings, RaiDen.” Kane held both hands out to his sides, and two curved assassins blades appeared in them. The were both silver, and Kane held them so the tips points up to his elbows. “Draw your sword, and lets get this on already.”

“If you have a death wish then I guess I will just have to help you with. Dazzle them, Rinchester.” A short sword appeared in Seans hand. The blade was a simply gray, and the hilt was decorated with a diamond. Kane could see that it had power though, and it wouldn't be smart to underestimate this guy.

“Time for this party to start then.” Kane replied, before suddenly vanishing.

Sean had been expecting a move like this, and brought his blade behind him to block Kane's attack. “Did you really think that party trick is going to do the job?”

“For a guy who tried hiding from us this whole time, you got a lot of confidence.” Kane thrust his second blade forward, but wasn't to surprised when his foe jumped forward and out of the way.

“So your aura blades power is speed is it? The I guess it's only fair if I show you mine.” Sean held his sword out level with the ground, pointing it at Kane. A beam of light shot out of it, which Kane only narrowly avoided. The attack wasn't over though, as the beam gathered into a ball were Kane had stood, then burst apart into a bunch of smaller beams. Kane's hands were a blur as he blocked each strike, though he missed two that hit is left arm high and low.

“Damn.” He hissed through gritted teeth as his arm went completely numb. “What the hell just happened?”

“Rinchester's power is to fire a nullifying beam of light. It then bursts apart, striking anything around out. Whatever it hits is completely numbed for a time period of one hour. After that you're arm will go back to normal, but until then you'll have to go without.”

“Is that what you think?” Kane asked, moving his left arm back up into his guard position.

Sean looked really surprised at this. “What is this? You can still move that arm of yours?”

“So long as my aura connection to it is fine ya. I can use my aura to control the limb manually, even if my brain can no longer send or receive signals to it. It's a pain in the butt though, but your weapon won't work on me.”

Sean responded by rushing Kane, striking left and right and forcing Kane to block with his damaged arm. “Even then, your arm is still slower now, and you can't keep that up forever.” As if to prove the point, Sean's blade got through and scored a direct hit on Kane's hip. The wound wasn't deep, but Kane could feel the immediate area around the injured area go completely numb. Evidently, Sean's sword could numb things just as well as it's light beam could.

Kane struck forward with his right blade, narrowly missing his foes neck. As it was, Sean was able to jump away from the attack, and settled himself into a at ready stance a few yards from him. “You must be feeling tired by now. You don't seem the type to fight like this.”

“What gave you that idea?” Kane asked, trying to buy time while he thought of a way out. Unfortunately, he could only see one way out, and it was risky.

“The aura reflects the user. It is a short weapon, not suited to combat, and is used to kill quickly and silently. That's all the clue I need.”

“Maybe you got a point there, but.” Kane put his left blade into his right hand, and repositioned the blades to point outward, away from him, “this isn't RaiDen's true form.”

“Oh?” Came the reply. “Then what is that weapons true form?”

“This. Final State.” A whirlwind suddenly surrounded Kane, kicking up a cloud of dust that obscured him from view.

“Whatever that is, don't think I'll let you use it!” Sean growled, shooting another null beam at the place he'd last seen Kane. However, the whirlwind not only blocked it, it completely canceled it out. “What?” Sean asked in astonishment.

The whirlwind stopped, and the dust cleared to reveal Kane again. Instead of the knives, he now held a simply silver katana. The air around the blade rippled, as if the weapons very existence was causing the air to wrap around it. “Mirage Dancer, RaiDen.” Kane said quietly. Then, he vanished from view. This time though, he appeared on both sides of Sean. At the same time.

“What is this trickery?” Sean yelled in surprise, ducking under one blow and blocking the other. “Mirage, your an illusion?”

“Illusions can't do this.” Came the reply from both Kanes at once, as a third one appeared in front of Sean. Sean couldn't block this strike, and took a bad hit to his left arm. Sean was left with no choice but to dodge back in retreat.

“What are you?” Sean asked in amazement. “You can't be real, but my arm is still injured.”

“I am real enough.” the Kane before him replied quietly as both the other Kane's vanished into thin air. “RaiDen's power is to increase my speed. In this state that power only increases dramatically. I am appearing to be in several places at once, because your eyes can not comprehend how fast I am moving.”

“Impossible.” Was all Sean could come up with.

“Really? Perhaps you should have thought about your actions before committing them. Thievery maybe, but murder? I can't forgive something like that. Now you die Sean, just like that man did when you attacked him. And all because you decided you were better than anyone else. Do you want to know the purpose of this blade? It's to protect all the people that can't protect themselves.”

“How noble, but you can't really save them all.”

“Maybe that's true. I am only one man after all. But,” Kane's grip on his sword tightened. “You're not going to be able to hurt anyone else.”

Sean screamed in rage as he fired a beam straight at Kane, but it only seemed to phase through him. “What?”

Suddenly Kane was right in front of him. A moment later and he was back were he was standing, holding onto Seans sword. “Hey! Give that back.” Sean shouted at him.

“This? You didn't even bother to figure this swords purpose. The blade is dull and weak.” Kane tossed it behind him. “To raise that sham of a sword against my own blade is a grave insult indeed. You don't deserve that thing. Now will you come in quietly, or must I end your existence.”

“A fool like you could never hope to hold me. I am power incarnate!” Sean was ranting now, having completely given himself over to a lust for power.

Kane just shook his head sadly, but he would have to finish this now. He couldn't remain in this state for longer than a few minutes, and he could tell that he was reaching his limits. “Very well then. Let it all end, strike with grace, and bring to a close all that ever destroyed humanity.” Kane vanished, only to reappear behind Sean. Five more Kanes appeared as well, forming a hexagon around Sean. “Six point slash.” The Kanes struck, bringing Sean down to his knees. They reformed into one before Sean, and Kane dealt the final blow, carving a wide gash into Seans chest. Sean fell over on his side, breathing raggidly.

“This can't be over.” Sean gasped, but then stopped in horror. His sword was cracking, and breaking apart. The pieces that fell off faded into the air. Sean reached his hand out to the blade, gasping. “No, don't break. This man is a fool, there is no way he could beat a person like me!” He wailed as the sword grew closer to fading altogether. As this happened, a wave of energy came from Sean himself as his body also began fragmenting and falling apart. With the loss of his blade, and with it his self, his body was now unable to remain together. “Nooooooo.” He screamed as the sword finished falling apart, and then Sean Cessler vanished from the face of the earth forever.

Kane's sword went back to it's original state, and he allowed the daggers to disappear. He stood there for a few seconds, looking at were Sean had been. Finally he turned and walked away saying, “To hell with it.”

He pulled out his cell and hit the speed dial button for the AMS HQ. “Head quarters.” came a mans reply.

“This is Kane Cross. I have a update for Sean Cesslers file.”

“Go ahead Kane.”

“Sean Cessler has been eliminated. I did him in just moments ago.”

“Very well, setting Sean's file to eliminated. Well done.”

“Thank you.” With that, Kane began walking to the nearest bus depot. Job well done.

© 2010 zerieth

Author's Note

There are a lot more to follow if I can find a jump drive.

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