The Shadow Of Zion

The Shadow Of Zion

A Story by Zion

random story my girlfriend inspired me to write

A young teen walks alone in an open field with many questions running through his mind(Why am i here? What am i? Why did my parents abandon me? Where is everyone? Am i alone? What happened to the world?) so many questions but so few answers he continues walking staring at the next patch of dirt in front of him when he suddenly hears a faint shout and a terrifying roar of a creature he knows well he tears off running towards the where the roar had come from he slows down as he nears the edge of a cliff and crouches there he surveys the land around and spots the hulking mass of a large red dragon the ground it flies over melting into molten slag wings flapping so powerfully the lava instantly cools with each blast of air he stares wondering why a fully grown behemoth would be fling around in the middle of the night they only ever fly during the heat of the day he finally spots the reason for the dragons anger it's a girl looking to be about his age as he surveys her he notices that she has angled herself towards the cliff he is crouched on(crap doesn't she know this is a dead end i need to move quickly or that dragon will go for me once he is done with her)he slowly stands and begins to turn in preparation to leave but stops suddenly and looks back at the girl unable to move away(oh crap you really got yourself into a bind this time but that's what i get for stealing a dragons treasure)she thinks to herself as she jumps over a log evidence of the forest that was once here she picks up speed angling towards what looks to be a cave entrance(i better be right about this if not it means game over)she has no time to change her mind and runs through the cave entrance feeling the heat of the dragon intensify then die out suddenly she looks around and lets out a low sigh"thank the gods for this cave otherwise i would be dragon food"as she surveys the rocks she notices something a shape that doesn't belong she glances back and finds it has dissapeared"wow i must be crazy that couldn't have been what i thought it was"she continues to look around realizing suddenly that what she found wasn't a ave at all but a dead end"s**t!"she looks for a way out quickly but finds none running over to the back of the cove of rocks she tries to think of a way to get out when suddenly the is a deafening roar and a loud crash as the dragon breaks through the entrance she turns quickly and faces the dragon as it advances on her she closes her eyes knowing she is going to die the heat if the dragon steadily rises as it walks towards her slowly knowing it has all the time in the world to kill the pest that stole it's prized treasures she waits for what feels like an eternity sweat sliding down her face when suddenly with a shout the heat is gone she opens her eyes and finds a boy is standing in front of her his sword glistening with the blood of the dragon he has long shaggy black hair with what looks to be purple streaks running through it his black trench coat torn and ragged he turns to look at her their eyes meet she feels a jolt run through her body as she stares into his dark grey eyes she feels as if he is looking through her with his piercing gaze she tries to speak but can't he turns away jumping up onto the dragons snout he swings his sword and brings it down right between the beasts eyes"wow..."she whispers as he jumps off of the dragon and slowly walks towards her he was watching her as she ran into the dead end wondering what she did to anger the dragon when he was sure she had seen him he moved quickly hoping she would pass it off as a trick of the night he was about to walk away when he heard the roar of the dragon as it closed in on its prey he couldn't make himself leave her there to die so he jumped down and thrust his sword through the dragons spine right behind the head paralyzing it jumping off quickly he looked at her she hadn't yet opened her eyes that gave him time to study her features she was slightly shorter than he was her hair was several shades of blonde with black purple red streaks in it he chuckled to himself softly(she is obviously a very unique girl)she wore what looked to be old style skinny jeans and a top that was either torn while she was wearing it or purposfully torn before she got it either way she was nice to look at it was then that he noticed she had opened her eyes and was looking at him he met her gaze for a few moments then turned and finished off the dragon once he had dealt the killing blow he hopped off and walked towards her not knowing who she was or why she was here but knowing that finally he was not alone as he walked towards her he sheathed his sword and let his hair fall around his face covering it so as not to let her see his emotions he stops a foot or so away from her"who are you"she stares at him and answers back slightly defiant"my name is Alexandria call me Alex for short what about you mr dark whats your name"he grins slightly and replies quietly"my name is Zion Zion Shadows"she repeats the name over and over in her head(Zion Shadows)"Shadows is a very strange last name was it your parents last name"Zion looks at her letting his hair move away from his face so she can see his eyes as he answers back"my parents abandoned me i named myself and have lived on mmy own for as long as i can remember"she frowns and looks down"i'm so sorry i didn't know"Zion shrugs"it's fine"she looks at him again"ummmmm thanks for saving me would you like something to eat i'll cook""no thank you i should be on my way now"he turns to leave Alex grabs his shoulder stopping him from leaving"i insist you should stay you saved my life and i need to repay you i won't take no for an answer Zion"he turns and chuckles"okay okay i'll stay" Alex smiles and looks around"heres as good a place as any so sit down relax i'll start up a fire" Zion chuckles and does as he is told"the fire won't be necessary""what do you mean zion how will we stay warm"Zion chuckles and extends his hand sending a wave of purple flames towards a patch of grass that catches fire almost emediately he glances at alex as he does this and is pleased to see her expression of awe"how did you do that?!"she exclaims he laughs"just one of my many skills" she looks over to him to find he is staring at her they make eye contact she blushes and looks away"i should go cut off some of that dragon i'll be back"she walks off leaving zion alone by the fire he watches her until she leaves the circle of light cast by the flames he stares into the flames having an internal struggle(should i tell her? no of course not! but she should know! she'll get rid of you if you tell her don't you idiot she is the first human you've seen on this dead rock we once called earth. she wouldn't do that!! yeah?! how would you know numbnuts you barely met her less than an hour ago! for all we know she could be a new demon one we haven't encountered yet! alright i won't tell her not yet at least)

© 2012 Zion

Author's Note

ignore the grammar mistakes because i know i made a lot of them i'd still like to know what you all think of it it's not done yet this is just what i've managed to write so far

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Added on July 20, 2012
Last Updated on July 30, 2012



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