"Hallway of Torture"

"Hallway of Torture"

A Poem by Zoe Anne

"Hallway of Torture"

It’s like a gallery,

Millions have walked through it before,

Each have contributed to it,

Made a donation to its madness.

Cuts to scars, gouges to stitches;

Whether they’re on the brain, heart, or leg,

They exist leaving behind a mark of a tragic history.

I almost know this place all too well.

Blood, guts, intestinal fluids, and just plain gore.

Yeah, I’ve been up and down this path;

Like an elevator without music;

Like a flight of stairs without exits;

Like an ocean without currents;

Like a house without a family.

Some will say that they don’t know about this place.

Well, that’s because they created it.

Just for us.

The audience,

The consumers,

The so-called “citizens”.

I can’t stand all of this,

Nor will I any longer,

For I am not an audience,

I am not a consumer,

I am not a so-called “citizen”.

I am my own entity,

That deserves its own theater.

Not only will I produce,

But I will recreate and re-invent.

Written by Zoe Anne

© 2012 Zoe Anne

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Added on October 15, 2012
Last Updated on October 15, 2012


Zoe Anne
Zoe Anne


I like to write a lot of horror, poetry, and lyrics. My inspirations are Edgar Allan Poe, Anne Rice, H.P. Lovecraft, and Stephen King. I hope that someday my name will be next to theirs... more..