A Poem by Zoe Jay

It's a dystopian revolution.
They used to bribe us with the promise of utopia.
But we don't believe in that any more.
We will no longer be led.

But instead we are divided.
There will be no revolution.
There will be no escape.
The only question is...
who will be the destructor...
who will close the final curtain...
who will bring the End of our Days...
who is the dictator that we so fear...

...them, or us?

This is. The tyranny. Of democracy.
This is. The destruction of our society. By ourselves.
This is. Leadership by division... not by consensus.
This is. Same-mongering disguised as change.
This is. Change disguised as same-mongering.
This is. The division of brothers and neighbors...
by oratory and rhetoric... not by measure of distance.
This is. The means by which we silence dissent.
This is. The myth that keeps the masses obedient,
silent and bound in sullen drudgery, content,
compliant, blind, even self-satisfied, because
This is. The will of the MAJORITY.

This is our democratic dystopia.

© 2016 Zoe Jay

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Added on October 21, 2016
Last Updated on October 21, 2016
Tags: Dystopia, utopia, society, politics, democracy, election, unity, anarchy


Zoe Jay
Zoe Jay

Los Angeles, CA

I come from Fife, in Scotland, and I now live in Los Angeles and run a business in the music industry. I've been writing poetry for about as long as I could write! I had a poetry collection published .. more..

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A Poem by Zoe Jay