Oppressed, Deceived, Empowered, Saved

Oppressed, Deceived, Empowered, Saved

A Poem by ZBwolf


purple mist above moonlit mountains,

A sweet breath of faint wind,

running hands over softest silk.

Child’s waving arms, seeking attention,

Little wailing siren, bewitching them all,

An unsuspected thief in disguise. 

chip, chip, chipping away,

oblivious to the stolen pieces gathering around her,

an ethereal fairy, with a golden heart and selfish temper-ment.

Too beautiful to hate, too bright to like.

Curled fists with half-moon prints, clamped mouth, grinding teeth,

Voided, lost, discarded away, fading like a childhood memory of an imaginary friend,

details dropped into the wastebasket, image erased with a swipe of hand.

Stripped and invisible,



In the night whispering secrets,

no matter if I want to know.

Crying out at the knife stabbed again and again.

A creature of many faces, bitter or kind.

Softest stirring of fallen amber leaves, 

ferocious bellowing, whipping rain and snow in a beautiful, deadly tantrum.

Dancing with friends,

singing among rustling leaves and branches.

Beneath what smells it carries from far away places, 

its own scent of wildness speaks of snow capped mountain peaks and adventure. 

Sighing, as it disappears. 

Alluring in mystery and majesty,

don’t fall in love with the freeflying gale,

for it cannot,

it simply is. 


It beckons, reaching with tantalizing rhythm, 

ensnaring with deep reverberating beat, 

matching your racing heart. 

Dance, dance, the capriccio calls,

layering, one notch higher, louder, faster, stronger,

run a little bit faster, jump a little bit higher, building up to the glorious mountain top.

Leap and twirl, feel your body grow lighter,

Sink into your shimmering spirit,

rejoice in the sensual expression,

summon the roaring fire of life.

Your body is the instrument, chords and keys in the blood and veins,

the crescendo breaks, 

Radiating down from the peak,

shattering the frozen ice in our souls,

flowing freely once more.


A mirror. swirling dark. Heavy, debilitating fog.

raw wounds hidden by black sleeves,

silent desolate void, unending free fall into ageless agony.

An offered hand reaching,

to climb up together, 

crumbling the illusion of strength as standing alone.

ceasing to run, hide, crying at unfairness.

turn to look into the mirror, see.

Let truth sink into flesh and bone, 


Arise anew, to light of hope, a beacon on the highest mountain.

Do not let the light go out, 

cherish your courage, a little flame you keep deep inside.

For bad, dark days will come,

do not let them win. 

© 2021 ZBwolf

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' Dancing with friends, ~ singing among rustling leaves and branches. ~ Beneath what smells it carries from far away places, ~ its own scent of wildness speaks of snow capped mountain peaks and adventure. ~~ Sighing, as it disappears. '

Could take a dozen or more quotes from this graphic time~spinning emotional adventure. Seems near a contraction of time and love and loves, negatives and positives ~ emotions many.

'An offered hand reaching, ~ to climb up together, ~ crumbling the illusion of strength as standing alone.' And that is what we all need as the light start to fade. Emotionally laid, somehow audible. .

Posted 1 Month Ago

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Added on February 22, 2021
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Missoula, MT

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