Snow White

Snow White

A Chapter by Alexa Tasch

Snow had to go.....


     In a very large kindom, much like your own, there was a very sick queen. It was poison. On her death bed the queen left the kingdom to her daughter, Snow White. The royal counsel, however, disagreed. They said Snow was too young and instead gave the crown to the queen's sister. The queen's sister did not like Snow White. She knew that in only a few years Snow would take her rightful place as queen and she would once again be sent into exile. She should have killed her when she had the chance.


     When the queen had first given birth to Snow White and then fell ill for the next ten years her sister had tried to drown Snow White. She was caught but Snow didn't remember a thing and totally trusted her. The queen knew the guards were still watching close over her so she began to form an elaborate plan.


     On a bright winter morning with fresh snow on the groung, Snow awoke warm in her bead. She sighed and stretched and slipped on her robe. Smiling she went to the window. It was her eleventh birthday and all she had wished for was snow. Quickly she got dressed and ran down through the castle saying a quick hello to the maids. She reached the large, wooden, front door and grasped the handle when she heard a voice.


     "Snow White?" said Grim (a nickname from the maids) "What do you think you are doing?"


"G-going out to play in the snow?"


"Not untill you eat something," she said in a voice that was all too firm.


     Bowing her head, Snow followed Grim. They entered a grand dining hall with a long table in the center. At the head of the table there was a large chair and at the end was a small foot stool. The new queen pushed Snow onto the stool and sat in the throne at the other end.


     A cry rang out through the castle. Snow shuddered. She knew it came from the dungeon. She knew what time it was.


"Oh its feeding time," Said Grim as if it were nothing. When Grim had taken the throne she installed a dungeon for the prisoners and got rid of the court house. She saw this as fair, that a criminal should always be punished without being given a chance. "The dogs sound hungry today don't they?"


"Yes," murmered Snow looking down. Grim loved to make Snow think about the awful things she was capable of. Grim had the power to burn down cities wth a single command and was feared by all who heard of her. She was also skilled in the art of potions. Yes. There were many terrible things Grim was capable of.


     Snow turned even paler. Quietly she got up and went to her room. She was in a state of shock. In fact, she was so shocked that the knock at her door made her scream. Snow White's maid came into the room.


     "Miss? You have been summoned by the royal advisor."


"Oh. Thank you." Snow felt her heart sink. The royal advisor was a cruel man. He was a hunter who kept all of his animals trapped and tortured before killing them, eating them, and mounting their heads on the wall of his office. He was also madly in love with the current queen, Grim. Snow knew he was friendly to her on the outside but he would always listen to her aunt in the end.


     Snow entered the large circular room that was once the court house. The only thing left was the large wooden stand at the back of the room. Standing behind the stand was Mr. Greysons, the royal advisor. His expression was friendly but Snow could still sense his hatred of her. Suddenly, the queen burst through the doors.


     Pushing Snow out of her way, she marched up to the stand. "What is the meaning of this?!?" she demanded in a rage. Oh. So it is good news, Snow thought to herself.


"I was digging around the library your highness," he said," when i came upon a rather important document." The queen opened her mouth to speak but Mr. Greysons hurried to finish. "It was a document of old customs and laws.....And there seems to be a.......problem?"


     "What?" asked the queen and Snow.


     "Tomorrow, the young princess will be eleven, and she will take the crown. Much sooner than expected really"


Grim turned and smiled at Snow. "How wonderful!" She hugged her. Snow had noticed that Grim had been in a bad mood that morning but now that was all going away. "Why don't you go out and play in the snow? Hm?" Snow nodded and ran off. Grim turned towards Mr. Greysons. "How dare you!! Why didn't you just burn the document? Oh never mind now. I've got a plan. Snow still doesn't remember and she still trusts me. Get your knife. Hunt her down and bring me her heart."


     Snow was playing with some small winter rabbits when Grim went outside. She was holding two pairs of ice skates. Snow's face lit up. She loved skating. Grim led her out into the middle of the snowy woods and slipped away while she put on her skates. When Snow noticed she was gone she began to panic. Grim would never leave her.....would she? The panic and fresh air suddenly opened a doorway inside of Snow that she had long since forgotton.


     She was three years old and playing in the garden. She had had a stuffed rabbit and the other bunnies thought it was real. Snow was having so much fun when a shadow cast over her. The bunnies ran away and Snow turned to find herself looking at Grim. She could sense something was wrong . Snow got to her feet and Grim grabbed her. Snow struggled but she was no match. Grim shoved her under the water and Snow held her breath. Eventually her lungs began to burn and everything went black.


     Then Snow came back to reality. She remembered. Grim had tried to kill her! She could sense the danger just as before. Snow stood and ran as best she could to the frozen lake. She knew she wouldn't get anywhere in the skates but she might survive on ice. Before she could make it to the lake a figure stepped out in front of her.


     "Have you seen the queen?" Mr. Greysons asked,"I thought she was with you." He acted so innocent,


     "She just left to grab a scarf. It had gotten caught on a tree branch. She'll be right back," Snow lied hoping it would send him away.


     Mr. Greysons advanced laughing. He loved the fear in the little girl's eyes almost as much as he loved her aunt. He drew his knife but Snow was already in action. She pushed him forward and he fell on to the ice. Snow jummped over him and began to skate away as fast as she could. But it was useless. Mr. Greysons was up and following her. Snow screamed and fell to the ice, she had reached the edge of the lake. Quickly, Snow began to untie her skates. Mr. Greysons smiled. He had her! Snow had only one boot off and Mr. Greysons was almost upon her, but now Snow smiled. Mr. Greysons paused for a moment wondering why. Then his eyes grew large with fear and realization. He lept towards Snow but it was too late.


     Snow sat on the edge of the lake breathing heavy. Her foot was cold. She looked at the wide hole in the ice. She was lucky to be alive. Her quick thinking had saved her. She had jammed the heel of her skate into the ice causing a crack to extend and send Mr. Greysons plunging into a dark and icy abyss. He had screamed when he fell helping the cold water enter his lungs. She could still hear him cough and gasp as he slowly froze and sank like a stone. Snow shivered. She had to keep moving. It would only be a matter of time before Grim would find her.


     Taking off her other skate, Snow ran further into the forest. Her feet moved quickly as they became frozen. Faster and faster, Snow White ran. She had hardly and idea of where she was going and her steamy breath blocked her vision. Her mind was numb. She didn't know what to do, when suddenly a small house appeared. Snow stopped dead in her tracks.


     It was just a small little cottage, no taller than her head. The little red roof was covered in snow and the snow had been shoveled away from the little yellow walls. A soft light eminated from the windows. Snow felt a sense of warmth looking at the house.


     Hoping for the best, Snow stepped up to the door and tried the handle. The door opened smoothly. She peered inside. There was a table with seven chairs, seven beds, a wash tub, and a small fireplace with a dying fire inside. Snow frowned. She felt pity for the fire. Quietly, she tip toed inside and put another log on the flame.


     "That's better." She smiled.


      There was a shuffeling noise and Snow turned around fast. Standing in front of her were seven men. Seven dwarfs. Snow and the dwarfs stood there staring at eachother for some time. Then, Snow broke down in tears. Falling to her knees, the men gathered around to consoul her.


     "I-I-I'm lost. I need help. I'm being chased." Snow gasped out between sobs.


     The tiny men exchanged looks. One stepped forward,"Who is chasing you?" he asked.


     "My aunt," replied Snow," she is trying to kill me!"


     "What did you do?"


     "I beg your pardon?"


     "Well, if she wan't to kill you, you must have done something to pravoke her? What did you do?"


     "Nothing," Snow shouted desprately, " I didn't do anything!"


     The man stepped forward again and put his hand on her shoulder trying to comfort her. He stood her up and gave her a rag to dry her tears with. She took it and thanked him. He gently took her by the elbow and lead her to a bed. Snow laid down realizing how tired she was. She closed her eyes as she drifted off to sleep.


     While the little girl slept the dwarfs gathered around the table. The began to discuss what move to  make next, when a kindly old lady began knocking on the door.


     "Hello?" anwsered the dwarf who had been talking to Snow.


     "Good evening," said the old woman in a raspy voice. She adjusted her black cloak and scratched her crooked nose,"It is cold and I need money for wood. I cannot cut down my own due to my old age, I need to buy it. I am selling these sweet breads. Please, would you care to buy some? "


     A warm smile spread over the mans's face,"Of course we would. Eight please."


     The old hag peered inside behind the dwarf. "I see only seven, but you said eight? Why would you want eight?"


     The dwarf eyed her suspiciously, "I'm very hungry....."


     The hag cakkled, "Alright." She handed him the breads and her handed her the apple. "And here," she added, "A Snow apple." She handed it to him and hobbeled off into the shadows of the forest. The little man looked around and backed into the house locking the door behind him. He placed the food on the table and made up a bed on the floor. They all said god night and went to sleep.


     The Queen laughed as she took off her costume. She tricked them. Snow was hers. But the Queen's plan was going to take some time. She had heard that a prince was coming to her kingdom. Why not kill two birds with one stone....


     Snow awoke then next morning to the smell of warm sweet bread. She got up and tip toed over to the kitchen.


     "Ah," said the little man who had given her his bed,"Good morning. Did you sleep well?"


     "Yes, thank you um....."


     "Oh how rude of us. We forgot to introduce ourselves." He listed off the names. Doc, Sleepy, Sneeze, Bashful, Grumpy, Dopey, and Happy. Snow greeted them and told them her name. "You must be famished," insisted Doc holding out a sweet bread. He hid the Snow apple behind his back.


     When they all finished eating the dwarfs headed out to the mines to work. Snow was alone again. Sighing she looked around refreshed from the sleep and food and realized where she was. The tiny little cottage was a mess. Snow piced up a broom and began to sweep. "As a thank you," she added to herself.


     Late in the day, almost at sun down, Snow White finished her cleaning. She was proud of how well she had done, but something then over came her. All that she had eaten for two days had been that sweet bread. She search and came upon the Snow apple. Snow looked around for the dwarfs, feeling guilty for stealing their food. Then, she took a bite.


     The dwarfs came in the door as Snow dropped the apple. The rushed towards her fearing poison. But, they were wrong. Snow rushed toward them, a blind fury in her eyes. She pushed past the men kicking one's face as she stormed out the door.


     Snow's head hurt. It hurt a lot. She didn't know where she was going or what she was doing but she knew one thing. The queen had tried to poison her.


     Snow walked on through the forest, but she was lost, but she knew where she was going. She was going to the queen. Eventually, Snow came into a town, a kingdom. Her kingdom. The streets were filled with noisy people. Little children laughing and running and their mothers didn't care. There was music playing and voices shouting. The noise grew louder and the people began to part.


     Trumpets roared throught the air and a handsome man on a white horse appeared. The prince smiled and waved to the crowd. The people cheered. Snow smiled and screamed. She screamed so loud and horror-struck that it chilled the blood of the people around her. The prince jumped down from his horse and catched Snow as she fell.


     As the prince looked into her snow white face and fell instantly in love. She opened her big innocent eyes and peered into his soul. He gasped breathless. His chest ached with love. A ruby droplet fell upon her face. His eyes grew wide with fear. The prince looked at his chest to see a red flower blossom around a large knife. He coughed, spurting blood in Snow's face. She smiled. Then, a look of horror came over her face and she screamed again.


     As fast as she could Snow ripped herself free from the dying prince's grasp. She stood screaming again, blood dripping down her face. The prince's guard rushed over to his side. Snow turned and ran. She looked back over her shoulder to se one guard drop the young prince and shout. The guards began to tame the crowd while a few of them began to pursue Snow.


     Snow turned back around and ran fasted. She began to panic. They were close. Snow ran out of town and back into the forest. She ran until she came upon the dwarfs house. Snow burst into the only safe place she had ever know.


     The floors and walls were stained red with blood. Snow stopped in her tracks. Seven corpses laid strewn around the little house. Snow didn't remember killing them, no, she was going to do that after the guards lost her.


     A familiar laugh filled the air. Snow turned to find the old hag laughing. Snow stood there stunned. A thick black fog began to seep into the room. It engulfed the hag and as it dispersed she changed into the queen. Snow gasped and stumbled back. The queen continued to laugh.


     She reached under her robe and pulled out a dagger. Poison dripped from it's tip. Snow screamed.


     "NO! No no no!"


     There was a loud bang on the door and Snow turned to face it. Behind her the queen used the knife to cut an apple. The guard ordered Snow to come out and began to bang harder. The door splintered and cracked. Snow screamed again. She turned to run still screaming and the blade went down her throat. The queen pushed down harder and let Snow White fall to the floor dead.


     The queen laughed again, now the fairest in the land. She laughed and fled back to the castle.


     Snow had to go........

© 2011 Alexa Tasch

Author's Note

Alexa Tasch
finally i finished Snow White! again pardon the spelling

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yep thats a good story lol great job :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

...damnit you ruined snow white now.. might i suggest bambi next? lol well done! i loved that line about the red flower blossoming around the knife.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Very disturbing, horrifying actually, but since that was your goal, well done!

Posted 10 Years Ago

because it's fun Jesse

Posted 10 Years Ago

Why must you always kill your main characters?
Anyways, I thought it was wonderful.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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