Forever a Pretty Lady

Forever a Pretty Lady

A Story by Alexa Tasch



One by one, the street lights flickered to life. The heat of the summer day was gone with the sun. I shivered in my car and turned up the A/C. As I rubbed my hands together, I peered out into the darkness for what seemed like the thousandth time. The bar was still lit and full of life. I could make out people laughing and drinking. On the television above the bar, a sports team was yelling at the referee. It was just a typical bar. My fingers tapped the steering wheel anxiously. I still wasn't sure if you would like me. I took a deep breath and braced myself. Nothing could go wrong, I told myself.

Three hours later, just as I was nodding off, you came out of the bar drunk and alone. I smiled. This behavior was not typical for you. The stress of the past few days had finally worn you down and sent you out drinking. You couldn't handle that creepy stalker who just wouldn't stop, so your friends took you out drinking. I thought you might do that. I put the car into gear, the roar of the engine numbing the ache in my skull.

My car crept forward. Down the road you walked in the cool night air, and down the road I followed. I was going to keep you safe. It wasn't long before we reached your house. You fumbled for the key and finally found the lock. The lights next door were off. Your neighbors were spending the week in Spain. Once you got in and the lights were on I began my routine. First my hair net, then a hat. Next I slipped on the shoes I borrowed from a friend. Gloves went on last and I grabbed my bag of supplies.

Catching you was easy. You were too drunk to scream or put up too much of a fight. It was by pure luck that I found you in the bed room. As not to ruin your perfect face and body, I slid the gleaming blade into your stomach. The waterfall of red that came gushing out was a problem. It made too much of a mess, so I laid you out over the bathtub. The fluids poured out, but not fast enough. So I grabbed my knife once more and drew a red line down your stomach again. The blood came much faster now and by morning you were dry. I combed your hair and dressed you nicely, for a lady should look her best. I picked out something black and tight. But, oh! how you looked so pale in it. Red suited you much better and low cut, it showed your perfect breasts. Beautiful blond hair cascading down your back. If only you could see yourself, but it seems you have fallen asleep.

I caressed your beautiful pale face once more. I added the chemicals and cut and sewed you up. Preserving your body was as easy and preserving that of an animal. Oh my love my love. You will forever be mine! To hold and to cherish! Your beauty untouched! My Snow White, I took you home. I brought you into my room and laid you there. You comfort be beyond imagine. When I am sad, I come to you. When I am scared they will find us, I run to your eager and awaiting arms. My love we were made for each other. I told you I'd have you and I do. And the cops will never, ever find you. Maybe you will take up taxidermy too. And then so happy we will be.


© 2012 Alexa Tasch

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Alexa Tasch
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Beautiful. Wonderful bar imagery, great hints at the fact that the stalker has been after her at length, brilliant delirium. Just beautiful. And I don't give compliments lightly.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Alexa Tasch

7 Years Ago


Posted 8 Years Ago

Wow, creepiest story ever. i totally did not see any of it coming. frigging brilliant in a completely messed up way. very well written too, extreme kudos on this.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on July 20, 2011
Last Updated on August 19, 2012
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Alexa Tasch
Alexa Tasch

Providence, RI

My name is Alexa. I'm 19. I usually write instead of paying attention in my classes so I will post anything I think it good enough. Don't read my older stuff unless you're really committed because.. more..


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