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Scraps Chapter 1


            Scraps pulled himself out of bed after another sleepless night. He looked at his closet filled with rows of identical grey jackets and green pants, all covered in unnecessary patches of fabric. One large eye stared back from the mirror at Scraps and he jumped in fright before realizing it was his own reflection. He ran nervous fingers through his blonde hair, pushing it over his left eye. He adjusted his top hat. Scraps swallowed hard. Shaking and sweating, he began to hyperventilate and panic. Villain had come over four times last night. He was sure to show up for breakfast.

            Claire rearranged the table for the third time. She straightened her skirt and bonnet. The table still didn’t look right. She peered out the window into the dark and stormy day. Claire wondered if the darkness would keep Scraps away. A few months ago, her best friends had started acting strange. He was more skittish and timid than usual. Still, she was eagerly awaiting his arrival. Suddenly, he appeared out of the fog.

            Claire opened the door and stood in the safe haven of light, looking out to the figure in the dark. Scraps’s pained expression softened as he stepped in out of the rain. Claire tried to take his coat, but he recoiled at her touched. She looked at him, puzzled, but shrugged and got him a towel. After Scraps was dry, Claire made them some eggs. Scraps sat behind her awkwardly, but both of them were happy with the uncomfortable and familiar atmosphere. After a while, Claire spoke up.

          “Horrible weather we’re having isn’t it?”                 

           "Yes,” Scraps replied quietly.

          “How are you today?” she asked, remembering her manners.

          “They finally got that thing out from under my bed.”

             "Oh really? Maybe I could come over some time.”

            Scraps jumped, alarmed. “No! No. I…..still have that other thing in my closet.”


          The two sat in silence once more. Claire finished the eggs, plated them, and served them as she sat down. She unfolded her napkin and placed it on her lap. Scraps watched her take one bite, and then another. Claire glanced up to see if her guest was enjoying his meal. Scraps sat, staring blankly at his eggs. He appeared as if he might vomit.

         “Are you alright Scraps? You’re not sick are you?"

          “No, I’m fine, I-it’s just….sugar.”            


          Scraps nodded and it looked like he was about to cry.

         “On your eggs?” Claire asked.

         “Yes,” he said in a small voice.

         “Alright. I’ll go get you some.”

         Claire left and when she was gone Scraps let out a small whimper. He didn’t want to be alone, but he didn’t want her to stay, especially not with Villain around. He slowly looked to the right and there was Villain. The crazed shadowy figure in a top hat smiled widely at Scraps. Villain tilted his head to the side and chuckled. Scraps froze and stopped breathing. In a moment of weakness, he blinked, and within that short instant, Villain had moved into a crouched position on top of the table next to Scraps. He turned slowly; dreading what he already knew was there. Villain crouched in the middle of the table, staring with orange and yellow unblinking eyes. Scraps swallowed hard. He silently prayed that Claire would stay away.

         Villain had appeared a few months ago. Scraps didn’t know where he came from, but it was apparent that Villain enjoyed torturing him. He had always been nervous and Villain took advantage of that. He also seemed to take a liking to Claire. Several weeks ago, he tried to kidnap her. She had run away and told everything to Scraps. Scraps was afraid that he would try something again.

         Scraps stared back into the unblinking crazed eyes of Villain. A quiet high-pitched giggle emanated from behind the widening smile. Carefully, Villain reached down and grabbed up a handful of eggs. He brought them to his mouth and chomped down like a shark, never breaking eye contact. This less than human creature stared maliciously at Scraps. The sudden thought of blood corrupted his mind. Villain imagined tearing Scraps limb from limb; bones splintering and blood flying everywhere. Scraps’s tortured cried filled Villain’s imagination and it made him smile wider.

       Claire stood in the kitchen looking for the sugar. Sugar on eggs? She hadn’t known he liken sugar on eggs. She should have asked him beforehand. Poor Scraps. Was this normal for him? She couldn’t remember. Finally, Claire found the sugar in the back of the spice cabinet. She went back to the dining room.

       “I found the-”

       Claire sopped short. Scraps’s plate was empty.


      “I’m full,” he almost whispered.

      Claire was very confused. Scraps was always pale, but right now he looked like he was made of paper. She felt bad for him. She sat down and quietly finished her breakfast. When she was done, she collected their plates and Scraps helped her wash them.

© 2012 Alexa Tasch

Author's Note

Alexa Tasch
Please ignore the spelling mistakes and keep in mind that this takes place in a nonsensicle world and is not supposed to 100% make sense. Tell me what you think!

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This is really good Alexa! I wicked enjoyed it :) They're quirky and cute and weird and awesome and they sound like characters from a Tim Burton movie. Awesome job! :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

AWH, I love it, theyre all so cute and weird!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Alexa Tasch

7 Years Ago

Really enjoyable to read, excited to go onto the next chapter

Posted 7 Years Ago

I hope there is more... I'm intrigued... Very very good writing... poor scraps

Posted 7 Years Ago

yes. there is more

Posted 7 Years Ago

There's more?! That was brilliant!!! I have absolutely no idea what-so-ever what world that would be but woah, that was amazing. That was super cool... so there's more????

Posted 7 Years Ago

I love it but why shouldn't I? You were able to bring these charaers to life when they were basically just drawings. Its funny, mysterious, random, witty and makes me want to beat you for more! Excelent. Put the rest up now.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Absolutely lovely.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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