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A Visitor

A Chapter by Alexa Tasch

Scraps Chapter 2


     Ding- dong! Claire and Scraps both stopped what they were doing. The hollow chime rang through the chilled air. Fear gripped Scraps’ heart. Villain! Was this another one of his dirty tricks to steal Claire? Claire got up to answer the door and on impulse, Scraps jumped in front of her.

     “Um…uh, let me get that for you,” he explained, suddenly aware of what he was doing.

     The walk to the door seemed to take forever. His heart was beating rapidly. Scraps was worried about what Villain might do to him. Claire stood back in the kitchen, watching. For what seemed like the hundredth time, she wondered what was wrong. Scraps reached the door and straightened his hat and jacket. He fixed his hair and made himself look presentable in the face of certain death. He lifted one shaking pale hand and placed it on the cool golden doorknob. Silently praying for Claire’s safety, he opened the door.

     The creature in front of Scraps was horrifying. It stood pale and almost as tall as him. Red and black hair fell from its head. The creature was cloaked in purple with a small skull around its neck.

     “You’d better be right about this,” it said.

     “I’m sure I am,” it answered.

     “You saw them? Because you know how I feel about this place.”

     Scraps whimpered and the girl who was talking to herself before him looked up.

     “Ferdinand was right!” Crow shouted.

     “F-Ferdinand?” Scraps asked?

    Crow pushed Scraps out of the way and stepped in out of the rain. She placed one pale hand on the skull around her neck. Claire gasped and backed away. She would have given anything for this foul demon girl to go away, but it would be rude. Crow stopped in the middle of the room and watched Scraps close the door.

    “Ferdinand is my skull. We were just in the middle of a heated debate.”

    Claire and Scraps remained silent. They both stared at Crow. Her smile slowly turned into a frown. She enjoyed their attention, but not the way they were staring at her. Crow glared at Claire. The prissy little tea cup. Not only did she steal her beloved Scraps, but Villain was obsessed with her! Well Crow wouldn’t stand for it. That was why she had stalked Scraps all the way to Claire’s house.

   “Where is Villain?”

    “Is he your friend?” Scraps asked.

    “Pfft. I Wish,” she smiled widely, “I could just settle for you though.”

    Crow stepped forward and Scraps stepped back. Her eyes were bright and crazy. Villain was probably gone by now anyway. Scraps would do. She may have been attracted to Villain, be Crow had feelings for Scraps too.

   “Excuse me,” Claire spoke up, “I do not believe I invited you in. Please leave.”

    Claire was usually sweet and polite, but not there was a sort of venom in her words. Claire hated Crow down to every last fiber of her being. To put it nicely, crow was a rude and odd girl who seemed to love Villain as well as Scraps. Claire couldn’t imagine why. It didn’t help that she and Crow were polar opposites. As crow took another step forward, there was a loud crash. The front end of a grey car came through Claire’s wall with a thunderous bang. The metal beast shot forward and came to a rest on top of Crow. Scraps gasped. Claire calmly brushed dust and plaster off of her dress.

     “Y-your house…”

     "It’s alright,” Claire assured him. “It happens all the time.”

     Scraps could tell by her calm manner that it did in fact happen all the time. He knelt down and picked up a grapefruit sized piece of wall. The concrete and plaster looked only a few weeks old. A groan came from the dead grey car. Scraps couldn’t tell if it came from the driver or the girl trapped under it. The grey colorless driver was unconscious, but unharmed. The sound must have come from Crow. They may not have liked her, but Scraps and Claire couldn’t just leave her there.

     “Ow,” Crow said flatly.

     Scraps reached under the car and grasped Crow’s hand. She smiled at the unintentional affection. Scraps didn’t have the strength to pull her out. She thought it was cute. He fell back panting. Crow reached out like a monster from under a child’s bed, and puller herself out.

     “Are you alright?” Claire asked?

     Crow brushed herself off smiling. She popped her shoulder back into its socket and cracked her neck.

     “Yeah, it happened all the time.”




And it did.



© 2012 Alexa Tasch

Author's Note

Alexa Tasch
New Character! Crow!! Still not supposed to make any sense but the plot thickens! Tell me what you think

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Like Gracie said, fun and twisted! Best combination ever, I'd love to see more!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Oh its so fun and twisted, I love it!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Alexa Tasch

7 Years Ago

Thanks Gracie!!
Nice Amber lol. And as always, it has a weird kinda twist, but i like it.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I still love it and giggle inside everytime I read it. You must make more of my brain child!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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