A Poem by Faruque Azam

A story about my fantisies


Here i am looking at you

your glorious self what should i do

I know what to say, not how

The time comes I’m ready to speak

But I’m already too late

So i sit here thinking about why

just why did i not say it

I am still killing myself inside

I am such a foolish man

all this emotion building upwards

eventually will spill

Tomorrow is close to pouring out

The wait is destroying me

I cannot tell you for fear of shame

what if I am rejected

The dawn is come and my dreams go on

about how a tell my love

So when we meet tomorrow

The last time of which we are the same

I get down in humble lust

And expel my amazing cravings

I open up your gift box

And show you its brilliant shining

You still scream like you were eight

But unlike the other times you scream

you stayed here with me laughing

I sat there in total awe

That you would say yes to me, just me

I got up and embraced you

I picked you up and spun you around

like a lion would its pray

The plans happened that day

but months later i stood there waiting

on a red carpet of love

when i heard the doors creaking open

and the organ start to play

every note was magic as she walked

All the way down the carpet

My mind was still in bewilderment

my heart was open ajar

as the man in front of me said spoke words

As the final verse came out

and we both said two magic phrases

the realization came

I was yours and you were mine, two halves

Without us there is nothing.

© 2013 Faruque Azam

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Author's Note

Faruque Azam
I used a pattern I made up... you can reject it if you want. The pattern is an A, B, A having 7 syllables, and B having 9.

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Added on October 21, 2013
Last Updated on October 21, 2013
Tags: Love, Wedding, Propose, Poem


Faruque Azam
Faruque Azam

NC, Bangladesh

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A Poem by Faruque Azam

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A Poem by Faruque Azam