The Day

The Day

A Poem by Faruque Azam

This is a story of a man who finds true love


So many people just sit there saying “ Why do I live here?”

And ponder their “Pathetic” life and whether to continue

“To be or not to be” is in their minds “Sleep face down tonight?”

Maybe just one injection could end this pathetic lifestyle?

Or maybe I could start the car in the garage and just wait?

I could  just go to the local pawn shop and buy a pistol?

Or just simple as traveling to the highway and jumping?

He could take his trusty swiss army and slit his own windpipe?

But just then the one thought comes to his mind “what if I am loved?”

“What if by some weird chance I’m adored by another human?”

“maybe, just maybe i have someone who gives me some value?”

“I might just have some kind of value to another person.”

So he thought and he went outside to look for this special girl.

He walked by the book-store, the diner, and the bank, noone.

Now Even more depressed as before he walked back to his home.

But because of his sulking and not looking ahead, he fell.

he saw that he had hit someone and now it was time to see.

He started at the feet, with Nike shoes, then the pants were jeans.

He was disappointed and sad about the outcome so far.

He saw the shirt and it was a sweater, Maybe he found it!

Then he saw it. That face was shining. It burned like the warm hearth.

It was loving, caring, and altogether just what he needed.

He somehow found a way to mutter the word he was thinking.

“Hi, My name is John.” he said like a nervous little kitten.

He waited for what seemed like an eternity for response.

It came. “My name is Elizabeth”. OH the joy those words brang.

After days of getting to know each other Joe Spilled his past.

And after months of being loved he told her what he wanted.

and now after years of being married they are buried in love.

© 2013 Faruque Azam

Author's Note

Faruque Azam
This is a simple poem I thought of...

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It's an endearing read, told just like listening to thoughts.
I enjoyed it, thanks

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on October 21, 2013
Last Updated on October 21, 2013
Tags: Depression, Love, Marriage, Suicide, City


Faruque Azam
Faruque Azam

NC, Bangladesh

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A Poem by Faruque Azam

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A Poem by Faruque Azam