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My Mind

My Mind

A Poem by Faruque Azam

This is a poem about how I think.


To me people, when they hear a word,

Will think of its meaning and then pass it by without a thought

Yet when that word is put with others

It has completely different meaning to them, a whole new word

You could say a word every minute

and people would think you were crazy just spouting random words

yet if you sped up it would make sense

You say a word to me however

and a million meaning Flood my mind like milk in a glass

I could regurgitate a sentences

I could expel from my mind the thoughts but i would not for time

Millions upon more millions

Like molecules of water filling a glass only to be drank

then filled again with different juices

If you lept into my mind and saw

Every time I had inspiration you would drown in my thoughts

There is no place on earth like my mind

My mind is unique and capricious, to the point of madness

you couldn’t understand me if you tried

you could dissect me and you simple mindedness would explode

your stupidity would die alone

only one person can understand

I am not going to reveal who this is but you can guess it

Many of you claimants think you can

But you are charlatans to think so and fools to broadcast it

Only I and another can share

My complexities and simpleness of mind body and heart

Only one just one can even try

© 2013 Faruque Azam

Author's Note

Faruque Azam
This took me five minutes to think of and write... not to brag but THAT IS TALENT!

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Added on October 23, 2013
Last Updated on October 23, 2013
Tags: Brain, Mind, Significant other, Complex, Complexity, Awesome


Faruque Azam
Faruque Azam

NC, Bangladesh

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