Journal: Part 1

Journal: Part 1

A Chapter by aaron

Day 6: Entry 1


It’s been a while since I took notes like this. Feels strange but I need to vent. The Kings have declared the southernmost isles as territory of the Kingdom. Even though we just got a foothold in the lizard men’s swamps, and at the loss 5 men. Not including those that were taken last night. The second watch went missing and no one even noticed until it was time to switch. It had to have happened right before. 7 men in total. We didn’t even fined the bodies. If the rumors are true about these beast. Then we never will.


I have faith in The Kings, but we don’t know where to go from here. Such thoughts would be considered treason for a solder in most cases. However my brothers are tired. I don’t doubt The Kings. We have never lost a war…But I guess you could say I’m more concerned with the battle.




Day 10: Entry 2


S**t. It’s the first time I’ve had a chance to breath since my last entry. We had arrived with 30 men. Two Seers, 3 Mages, and the rest were foot solders including myself. It’s been 4 days and we have moved only a few miles into the forest. 4-5 tops. And I think that was only because they wanted us to. More men have gone missing. They've been picked off over the past few nights. We've hardly slept.


The 2 Mages left have used several spells. Including alarm among other detection spells, but it’s almost like the forest is protecting them. One of the men asked how the spells worked and I wish he hadn’t. Turns out it only works if something enters the protected area. that's fine. it wouldn’t have be a problem if that same idiot hadn’t mentioned that they could be up in the trees or even in the brush when the spell is used, and therefore already be inside the space, and not set off the alarm...The paranoia, if it hadn’t set in yet did so at that moment.


It doesn’t help that the seers are useless. They can see the intent of someone and even there alignment, but these lizards. They apparently don't show up at all. No malice or evil in their hearts. Just instinct...They don’t hate us. They just know that we don’t belong. This is s**t.

Day 12: Entry 3


More men are missing now. A total of 12. We can’t even turn back. They killed the only man who tried. No, that’s not right. He was a young boy no more than 13-14. Scared and turned tail. He was the one that asked about the spells. Guess that paranoia got the best of him. We saw him run, then fall, and after that silence. We knew he was taken. There was no body. Only his sword on the ground where he fell, and a few drops of blood on the floor near it. One of the seers claim it was what he deserved. As a deserter he would have been captured and killed as an example, but he was just a boy. Fresh off the pikes. May the Kings have mercy on his spirit. Poor b*****d.


Honestly, we may not make it back…The Kingdom may have claimed this land, but we do not own it.

© 2019 aaron

Author's Note

part one of a two part entry.

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Added on October 30, 2019
Last Updated on October 30, 2019
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Hey all! My name is Aaron G. I just got back to this sight and edited all my poems. Mostly grammar and flow. However I’m glad to be back, and hopefully while I’m at work I can come up with.. more..

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