The Wind in the Canyon

The Wind in the Canyon

A Poem by A.r. Bazian

A poem i wrote for the contest: "Up for a challenge?" " "

they say every story will reach an end,
every chapter must, well, embarks on its closings,
and every memory or scar will mend!

but Whenever I hear the wind in the canyon,
resound the vows of years ago,
back a decade more or so,
i find myself tangled in recollection,
a life time of win and woe!

the animals are gone now,
they have left me to my sorrows...
and to the stories your kittens and you would know!

so i lay pondering a sigh,
it must take its time, you know,
before i let it by...
still, the midnight sky lingers,
to a frozen stop...
the days would pass, and flee,
but the starlit darkness,
often remains atop!

have i been a sinner,
would you have been a saint?
would there be a place for my corpse to rest,
without torture, prize, or the slightest complaint?

i find myself staggered, with my parting role,
how else will this chapter be sealed,
and my pages fold!
my story is an aging one,
centuries, and eras old!

yet, Whenever I hear the winds in the canyon resound,
i feel i have been longly wintered, 
in this barrened, unholy ground!

© 2012 A.r. Bazian

Author's Note

A.r. Bazian
May you lookout "Longly" and "Barrened" in a professional literature diction reference, you will find they are correct!
metaphors and personifications are implicit, as the winds do not speak, but seemingly they resound (recite) in two different outlines. and moreover, time is not a living thing, hence the act of "Fleeing" adjectival to "the days" in verse (17) is another metaphor.
thank you!

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I loved reading and re-reading this poem...Though i could not understand it fully, i loved it

Posted 2 Years Ago

"the midnight sky lingers,
to a frozen stop...
the days would pass, and flee,
but the starlit darkness,
often remains atop!

have i been a sinner,"
This is some good poetry...Thank you for sharing...:)

Posted 6 Years Ago

A.r. Bazian

6 Years Ago

thank you!
A.r. Bazian

6 Years Ago

i appreciate it, really!
Sami Khalil

6 Years Ago

My pleasure...:)
It's been a while since I've made a review, but here it goes; I can tell what music were you playing while writing this piece, it has a mixture of your own personal writings and the source of inspiration we both know well, I'm actually surprised you were able to blend it in perfectly, although I can tell that you refer to something else by using "the animals are gone".
The flow is smooth, sound more like spoken words than a poem, more like our old chitchats, with few musical quotes, those questions still bother you don't they.
This piece is excellent, but I have seen better ones by you, pay attention to caps, and add more into your next poem.
word up my friend.

Posted 7 Years Ago

A.r. Bazian

7 Years Ago

this piece i wrote for a competition that required:
-"The wind in the Canyon" to be in the poe.. read more
really a spirited piece... you offer so many lasting impressions... the sorrows, the yearning for some hope to be cast onto the land.. the winds in the canyon with barrened unholy ground is quite sublime and haunting imagery... the tone of this piece certainly carries weight on the heart.

Posted 7 Years Ago

A.r. Bazian

7 Years Ago

i admire your review!
perfectly put in words! and God, i love the way you "felt" it!

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