Basic understanding of car rearview mirror

Basic understanding of car rearview mirror

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A rearview mirror is a tool for the driver to directly obtain external information such as the rear, side, and bottom of the car while sitting in the cab seat. In order to facilitate the operation of the driver, prevent the occurrence of driving safety accidents, and ensure personal safety, all countries have stipulated that rearview mirrors must be installed on automobiles, and all rearview mirrors must be able to adjust the direction.

Types of rearview mirrors:

Classified by installation location:1. Inner rearview mirror: The inner rearview mirror is a mirror for confirming the rearview without changing the line of sight forward too much during driving.

2. Exterior rearview mirrors: Passenger cars generally install exterior rearview mirrors on the door. There are also cars installed on the fenders in Japan.

3. Down-view mirror: The down-view mirror allows the driver to see the place other than the front and rear wheels under the car body in the mirror directly in front of the driver's seat so that the driver can see the front and rear wheels and the body when reversing and starting forward. Whether there are people or obstacles nearby, so as not to injure people, objects and damage the vehicle, so as to provide convenience and safety to the driver.

Classified by mirror shape of rearview mirror:It can be divided into three series: flat mirror, spherical mirror, and double curvature mirror. There is also a prismatic mirror. The prism mirror has a flat mirror surface, but its cross-section is prismatic, and it is usually used as an anti-glare type inner rearview mirror.

Classified according to the reflective film materials used in mirror making:It can be divided into four types: aluminum mirror, chrome mirror, silver mirror, and blue mirror (coating).

Classified according to the adjustment method of the rearview mirror:It can be divided into two types: exterior regulation and interior regulation.

1. Out-of-vehicle adjustment This method is to adjust the angle of view by directly adjusting the position of the mirror frame or mirror surface by hand when parking. This method is time-consuming and laborious, and it is difficult to complete it at once. The driver needs to The seat is adjusted by hand out of the window, which is very inconvenient to adjust when driving or raining. Generally, large cars, trucks, and low-end passenger cars all use external adjustment methods to reduce costs.

2. The in-car adjustment mode can provide a more convenient condition for the driver to adjust the rearview mirror during driving and observe the rear vision. Most mid-and high-end cars use in-car adjustment methods. This method is divided into manual adjustment type (wire cable drive adjustment or handle adjustment) and electric adjustment type.

Since the position of the rearview mirror is directly related to whether the driver can observe the situation behind the car, it is more difficult for the driver to adjust its position, especially the rearview mirror on the side of the front passenger door. Therefore, the rearview mirrors of modern cars are basically electric, which is operated by an electric control system.

Design and installation of rearview mirror:When designing a rear-view mirror, the main design points are the field of view (indirect field of view) that the rear-view mirror can obtain, the distortion of the image, the sharpness of the image, the size of the image, the position of the image in the rear-view mirror, etc., easy to carry out The adjustment corresponding to the driver's viewpoint changes. The rearview mirror should be installed in a position where the vehicle body has the least vibration up and down. When designing rearview mirrors, the following issues must be studied: (1) Shapes and structures that protect pedestrians and occupants from harm; (2) Conform to the concept of the entire vehicle; (3) Shapes that reduce air resistance; (4) Performance to adapt to various climatic conditions in the world; (5) Selection of structures and materials suitable for mass production.

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