Rope to Heaven

Rope to Heaven

A Story by CherryBomb

All your unanswered questions about love is now revealed


August glanced at her reflection in the twelve by ten mirror, which hung right above the bathroom sink. She noticed how her red pixie cut had started to fade to auburn. Her fair skin remained fair, although seemed dull, rather than radiant and fresh. She barely recognized herself. The only trait that remained was her single-angel-winged shaped birthmark, which laid beside her left sideburn, yet hidden by her now darkened hair.

“It’s almost completely gone, and eternally” she whispered as she slowly scratched her left index finger with her thumb

“Almost is a good thing; it means that it’s not yet gone” Julian reassured as he focused on her pink skinned index finger that was starting to fade to a pale beige

“I was given a week to repent, and now all that is left is eleven hours” August replied as her hair flung down across her face, hiding her tearing eyes

“Maybe it’s fate… Maybe you’re destined to be left on earth to be with me”

 “Don’t tell me about fate… I assist fate. This is not fate. This is a punishment” Now tears were streaming down both her cheeks

 Julian didn’t say another word- he remained quite as he appreciated the beauty of August’s somber.

 "I can't be forever trapped in all four corners of humanity" August continued

 August's index finger seemed to fade more and more as each breath was inhaled. Once her love-matching finger loses its power, August will be stuck on earth as a human, and the gates of heaven will be locked to her for centuries to come.

 "What more could you possibly do to make up for your sin?" Julian asked

 August shot back a hopeless glare. She knew there was not much more she can do to make up for her rebellious conduct in the heavens. Cupid rarely accepted the repentance of a fallen angel.

 "There's only one thing that I haven't done"

 Julian knew what she intended to say "No. That can't be your only option” He breathed

 "It's because of you that I'm in this situation to begin with, Julian. I must break your heart. I don't want to, but it is my only option"

 August has been assisting Cupid for centuries, and always been loyal to her job. She has attained to her mission by striking love-arrows amongst soul mates. August has pleased her master, Cupid, and was trusted with the most complex and toughest scenarios, such as creating an everlasting love between Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, both family rivalries. August was the most loved and steadfast angel of them all.

Just seven days ago, August was sent to earth in a physical form to complete her daily task of match-making. Her mission: make Julian Webster and Lori Collins fall madly in love with one another. August was a maven at making two conflicting personalities chain together, although this time was different.


August had entered Henry’s Morning diner and spotted her two appointed targets. Julian sat at the coffee bar solo, while Lori sat at a booth with a friend. August sat from afar, as she cited her wishful blessings and primed her arrow. Just then, she noticed Julian’s sophistication and admired it very much. She noticed his charm and politeness towards the waitress. She started to envy Lori.

She knew she had to finish up this job and that she had a work-filled day ahead of her, but she could just not complete this mission. She was mesmerized by Julian’s grace and boldness.

August sat at her booth with shame, confused of what to do. As she looked up at the bar that Julian was sitting at, she realized his absence.

Where’d he go? I need to finish my job and return to the heavens she panicked

“Good morning” recited a soft voice behind her

As she slowly turned her head, she saw him. Julian Webster.

“G-good morning” she stuttered at first

What was this spark that surrounded her? She wondered. This is love she knew.

“I’m Julian” he introduced himself and he took the empty seat at her booth

She turned around and recognized a jet-black haired figure exiting the diner. Daimon.

Daimon is a demon from hell, who shoots love arrows at angels and their target, to demolish their mission.

She felt something beating in her soul. She placed her left hand against her chest

Thump thump

She has been in a body before, but never experienced a rush within her. This was so surreal to her. She actually felt human.

Heat of fear rose within her. She knew she was now captivated to Julian.

“August” she responded. This was her very first direct encounter with a human.

“Like the month?” he teased

Her mouth curved from her right cheek to her left. She was smiling.

“Like the month”

“Are you from around here? I haven’t seen you before... and you’re pretty hard to miss from your beautiful red hair” he flirted

Before she could even answer, her pink finger started to vibrate. She knew it was Cupid trying to communicate with her. She ignored the call, not wanted a single distraction taking her focus away from Julian’s eyes.


“I’m new around here” she said, as she noticed Lori swiping their booth as she’s leaving

“Lori, wait!” she fought with her mouth to say

“Excuse me? And you are?” Lori sassed back

Lori’s attitude is the most ungrateful thing on this planet. She thought She doesn’t even deserve Julian

“Oh, nothing” August blushed mortified by this human’s nature

Her index finger had rung for the second time

“I’ll be back in a moment” August told Julian, disappointedly

When August got to the restroom, in privacy, she answered Cupid’s call

“August? Where have you been? You’re entire schedule has been delayed by thirty minutes. This is affecting the time on earth. It is ruining the planned meetings of soul mates. There are now twenty-seven couples who will not have the opportunity to ever be together” Cupid yelled

“I am sorry. I have ran into a small obstacle. Please, don’t be mad” August started

“Small obstacle? Don’t be a fool. I know what had happened. You’re in love. Your poor, shallow soul has been corrupted by human love. I had sent Daimon to earth to test you. You have failed. I am disappointed in you”

“No. I do not love him!” August defended herself

“If you didn’t love him, you would have used his name, appose to ‘him’.” Cupid made his point

“Julian. I, I, don’t lo...” She cut herself off. She just couldn’t lie to herself

“He is a mortal” Cupid began “You are entwined with a human, and have destroyed the fate and destiny of soul mates… You are banned from the gates of heaven, till you restore the love from the chances you have taken away”

“What does that mean? I can’t stay on earth forever” August cried

“You have a week.” Cupid said, just before hanging up

August returned to the booth where Julian sat

“Why do you look so upset?’ He seemed genuinely concerned

She knew she was forbidden to share her story to a mortal, but she loved him so much, that she trusted him. She told him about Cupid and Daimon and the fact she has seven days to repent and match-make the broken relationships.

At first, Julian questioned her insanity. He didn’t believe this magical, immortal heaven that she’s from. She proved her worthiness by striking an arrow at a hick and the waitress serving him coffee across at the bar. Julian was indeed impressed.

Julian agreed to help her with her mission.

August was able to travel around the world with Julian on her wings. She could poof from country to country, and even planet to planet.

Their first destination was Beverly Field Mall, where they saw two soul mates encounter one another.

August rehearsed the spell, and shot her arrow. A match was made.

They both transported to a train station in New York City, a supermarket in Florida and even a grave in Australia, where soul mates were encountered with one another. She accomplished ten matches in under four minutes. 

She continued her journey, and after six days, she set up over 5,000 soul mates. She was sure Cupid would be pleased.

Now, with just eleven hours of power left, she felt hopeless. She was muddled as to why the gates of heaven were still locked to her.

“But, we love each other, don’t we? Who cares about heaven when you have time on earth with me?” Julian asserted

“I am a fallen angel. I will never age, and I will be doomed to live on this earth forever, even when you’re gone” August said, as her red feeble eyes were glued to her fading pink finger

“There’s a part of me that wants the best for you, and a part of me that won’t let you go”

“I need to do what’s best for myself, and what’s best for this planet. Without me, there is no love. But without you, there is no me”

 “You are an angel from heaven” Julian punned

“You don’t kid” August giggled, even with tears in her eyes

“Is that it? You just enter my life for seven short days, take me around the world, make me fall more and more in love with you, then just leave?”

“I will make sure you find a beautiful girl. Someone who will know how to make you smile, and someone who will keep you up all night. You will find a girl that you’ll be crazy for. I promise you, okay?”

“I trust you, August”

“That is it. What’s done is done. It was great being with you. But my time on earth must conclude. Goodbye, Julian”

“We will meet again. I know it.”

August returned to the gates of heaven. To her surprise, the gates were flung open and a vanilla scent swooped the air. Cupid had accepted her repentance.

She got to her castle and was joyed to see the other angels, who were happy for her return.

“Cupid would like to speak with you” Maddie, who was Cupid’s servant, told August

As August entered Cupid’s hall, she noticed a familiar soul across the aisle. She approached Cupid and the familiar soul.

“August Hart” Cupid began “You have passed the test”

“Test?” August asked with a confused look

“Test” Replied the dark shadowed soul

“Julian?” August questioned faintly, as she finally recognized the shadow

“I had sent Julian on earth to test your will of power. I am pleased that you were able to overcome the false inception of love.” Cupid stated

“False inception of love?” August asked

“You did not love this soul, August. I placed it all in setting, so you can prove your worthiness to me. As we all know, true love doesn't exist." 

© 2014 CherryBomb

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