Samurai With A Tattoo.

Samurai With A Tattoo.

A Story by CherryBomb

  Fall leaves blow over the end of summer air. Septembers here. It's not an ordinary September, like Americans spend it, by back to school sales, and all that. It's a September in Japan. The Feudal Military Aristocracy are after any willing soldiers to join their Japanese military. They come along about fifety rejections, and ten brave defencors. One by the name Minoru. His name means a fruit or seed. His parents named him Minoru because of his peach colored hair, and his charcoal colored eyes, which represted a seed, that was ready to blossom into a feirceful peach tree. When he was born, he was born with a birthmark on his left arm. The birth mark was shaped as an eagle, once again feirceful.


  Minoru was moved onto the head position of the FMA. He was one of the wittiest Samurais out there. He was there at the perfect moments. Spoke when it was nessasary, and minded his own bussiness.


  In December, they experienced a horrible battle between Japan and the Eastcoast. Japan was suffering from a famine. Minoru was incharged of placing positions for the other Samurais. He sent two Samurais paired togeather at a time. Male+Male, than Male+Female, than Female+Female, and so on.


   Something was wrong about this battle, the co-head of the FMA was missing; Zuki. Minoru had no intention of going out to look for Zuki, he had no time... or was it because Minoru wanted to countries credit for himself? Well, lets not get jealusy involved, where it should encounter.


 This battle went on for several monthes, Minoru foreshadowed his own awkeness to a bloody conclusion.


  It was done, not for the battle, but for himself. Sucidal much? Yes. The feirceful eagle flew to the heavans, when God asked him, why he gave up so easily. Minoru answered "Because you gave up on me". "Than why'd I bring you here and not below?" God answered with his wise reasons.


Exactly, God gives up on no-one.


The Eagle has been set free, and the war did surely have a bloody ending.

© 2010 CherryBomb

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I like this story. You set-up a powerful tale with very strong characters and story. I was hooked from the first line. This would be a very good story. I like the ending. The Asia myth and story is so intense and always great possibility of something to be learn. A outstanding chapter.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Great depiction of the samurai. I love it!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Epic n' fantastical! This feels like the prologue to a movie! FABULOUS!!! ㋡

Posted 9 Years Ago

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