Two parts. The same story.

Two parts. The same story.

A Poem by ur_ginger_girl

A love poem of sorts. First Half Written 1/11/17 Second Part Written 2/7/17


Wanting to feel you're arms around me. Wanting to lay my head on your chest. To let the world fade away and finally get some rest.

To press my mouth gently to yours to feel your soft lips kissing mine. To nuzzle my cheek against your beard and know that things are fine.

Losing myself in outcast love two wrongs maybe making a right. To say f**k every one and be happy as long as you hold me tight.

But I can't have those things because I got there far too late. you're convinced that you wanna be alone. I’ll just sit right here and wait.

I'll be your friend. I'll be in your life any way than I can. I'll be happy to have you in my life, even if it's not as my man.




That was then, now things are over. Don’t even have you as a friend. I can’t say that I don’t have any regrets, I’m sorry that it’s come to an end.


I always thought that I would f**k things up. I wish that I hadn’t been right. Why did you throw it all away over a stupid fight?


I guess that my blog will go quiet and I’ll stop writing for myself. I’ll slip back to my depressing ways, and this hobby will go on the shelf.


I’ll get through this let it strengthen my shell. Won’t get feelings for someone again. I’m not good enough it doesn’t matter if the man is a 1 or a 10.


I don’t want you to feel bad about none of this it really isn’t you’re fault. I went into this knowing the risk, might not act it, but I’m an adult


I think that I’m going to stop this; sitting down at a laptop to bleed. I’ve accomplished a goal and ruined my poem; hope it makes for an interesting read. 

© 2017 ur_ginger_girl

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I can really feel the powerful emotion in this piece. I could relate to it so much. It sucks when you give yourself to someone who could not care less about you...but it makes for a great poem. Thank you for sharing.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on February 22, 2017
Last Updated on February 22, 2017
Tags: poetry, hurt, heartbreak, romance, love