The final rhymes of my life

The final rhymes of my life

A Poem by Morning Star

Peering through a window cover in mustiness across the sea 
A golden light beckons me to see beyond the waves to
Search for answers within, Immerse myself within my thoughts in the
Gentleness of night, listening to the 
Stars Rhymes 
They rhyme about how life is truly eventful, it illustrates 
Countless forms of weathers into our lives 
On this hot summer night my mind is woven solid to the
Soul of the cosmos 
Eyes gripped within mysteries of the night 
Enduring ghastly pain, deeming my soul can no longer
Survive the test of time
Wondering how many lacerations can a heart endure?
For this heart is woven into a web of emptiness, loneliness that only 
The moon can cure, for it is known the moon is the angel of hope 
And dreams
Enthralled by the golden moonlight I wonder whether to jump
Into the ocean and drown for I’m already drowning
In a pool of my own tears 
Lord: I expect no comfort from you when I’m sad or cry for woe, 
Fear seized my soul; no friends 
No shoulder to cry and nowhere that I wanted to go,
The only one, this heart yearns for, desires me Not
I have explored into the depths of myself, and the love within my heart
Told me of the angels that walk beside me, even when I think I’m alone,
I believe they are not for we’re worlds apart,
My Angels and I
Therefore I deem they’re not watching over me, for my greatest fears
Have recapped, the ghost that won’t die just keeps reviving back to life 
Once again the tornado of darkness has landed 
Am I a living fool or am I a dead fool? 
Am I chosen again to be tossed out like an old shoe?
Impel cold and empty into a darkness of sorrow, why?
I’m a beautiful woman smart with a compassionate soul trying hard 
To understand, but lies have a way of uncovering
Why must I always take refuge in myself, I often feel that 
Am I just a pool of my own blood, for anyone and everyone 
To wipe the floor with
Am I, not a human being with a kind heart that hurts the same as you?
I‘strive to love, and breathe life, though floozies from darkness 
Keep stealing my life
I realized that I’m trapped within your darkness wondering if you 
Really know what you want, if you truly know the meaning 
Of true love
I doubt anyone will really miss me if I were to just fade
From the rhymes of the Earth 
Yes I’m trapped in my own darkness of pain, lost to the clarity of my mind 
My heart and soul constantly fighting a battle that in my mind seems 
Impossible to win: as the dark of night forever whispers secrets that
Shred this soul apart 
I’find myself counting the months, days, when I’ll lose this war
Life is the true soul of love; it truly is a precious gift
Though I don’t know why 
I’m still here on earth: I’m guessing I was placed here to watch over you  
Not for you to love me
I realized I no longer breathe life; I’m just walking with death 
Looming to take me; have lost all hope and meaning, so confused by
Mock and truth,
Counting the months, days, I will whisper my final request up to heaven 
Along with my ultimate prayer, for I know in my mind,heart my
Bones will lay to rest, as I will have reached

The final rhymes
 Of my  life 
Copyright by Yolanda Hernandez 
Aka Morning Star 02/27/11

© 2017 Morning Star

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I hope all is well..thank you for sharing

Posted 3 Years Ago

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