Sadness is blowing in the wind

Sadness is blowing in the wind

A Poem by Morning Star


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Sitting on a bench with her life belongings in a suitcase

In dark of night waiting for a bus

Eyes begin to rain as the howling wind

Unburies pebbles of a love song opening winds

Stirring anguish Memories

With a deep sigh I tell myself life is a spiral

Without any end nor a beginning only darkness

Before the light

Today the wind is blowing darkness in this heart of mine

There have been many lovers before me

As we all know you can never honestly erase your first love

From your heart

So many unanswered questions pass through my mind

Why must I always feel like I’m his consolation prize?

I feel his apathy; I see it in his eyes

The discontent

Even within his dreams

I’m not the one that makes his heart ache

I’m just the one that fills a void

Within the solitude of

His soul

Since his first love ruptured his heart

I'm not worried about the others; they're just a pawn

 In his game

Though the first rose seed that sprung the first petal and
Found her way into his heart 
 that’s the one, yes the one who won the game

The first time she whispered songs of love to his heart

 Me, I’m only an element, filling a gap in 

His heart

Heartache and sadness is blowing in the wind and I know

Escape is my only way out, Going away to find myself

Don’t know how and don’t know where

But there has to be a better place, another town

Another world

Fleeing in the night like a common thief with a heart

 Filled with scabs

Closing the door behind me, not looking back,

 Leaving behind all my silent nightmares

 Loss of trust, hidden years of betrayal

Melancholy memories, hunt my essence day and night

Thinking of times

When door swung open and they lips greet him with a kiss

Only to breathe another woman’s scent within taste of his lips

And soul

 Pebbles of thoughts still hunt me and feel 

The razor-sharp blade slicing

My heart in two and gasps of another lovers scent

Cradle my mind

 I merely start to believe that I’m his everything

Someone always find the way to make me realize that

I’m just another pawn, living in the castle of a king and

His first love will always remain the

Queen of his heart

I know I’ll always be a consolation prize,

Within his heart, for I was not the first one to whisper

Words of love to his tender heart…..

Heartache and sadness is blowing in the wind

Only way out is to ride on the waves of the wind

And fade away...


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Copyright by Yolanda Hernandez

Aka Morning Star

© 2014 Morning Star

Author's Note

Morning Star

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This is beautiful. I especially love these two lines. If only we could remember them.

Without any end nor a beginning
Only darkness before the light

Posted 11 Years Ago

I really enjoyed these words and today you hear of love conquest's in every media source available. The raw feelings for songs and poems such as this. Human emotions! Betrayal! "A Old Shoe", yes, good one my friend.
Life and Light!

Posted 11 Years Ago

true true... and well done...beautiful. one question though. you say her and she... but then in the middle you say i so are you talking about you or her? or you, her and him? it didn't take away for me i still understood perfectly, i just was not sure if this was intended.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Love is a very complicated thing that doesnt always come easy. But it is something that brings joy and happiness into peoples lives along with pain and sorrow at other times. Very good write. I liked it a lot. I could feel the sadness and pain.

Posted 12 Years Ago

In life, we often don't get that which we desire most but instead receive something even better--that which we NEED. Beautiful imagery accompanied by beautiful music and words. All in all, a joy to experience.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I can feel the sadness as the wind will cries without a tear. Nice work.

Posted 12 Years Ago

~Unburies the pebbles of their love song~
This was very well written. I greatly enjoyed the flow of this story.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Oh just beautiful I can tell you spent much time on this! Fantastic job it's going in my favorites. The emotion and time and effort you put into this really does show. Nicely done! I do love this so. And I'm crying nicely done! I can't tell you how much I love this!!!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

What a strange world we live in.
Stranger still if every woman loved every
man exactly the same as the man loved the
The only certainty that exists is that every
woman and every man will hurt each other.

Sad story/poem , but very true.

Very well written.

----- Eagle Cruagh

Posted 12 Years Ago

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