Send me an angel

Send me an angel

A Poem by Morning Star


It was a normal day till I stepped into my room

Walked into a veil of haze

Draped over the light that transported me

Into another world

Filled with the dim of night alone in the

Silence of the room

Sitting dismayed staring in a daze gazing at the walls as

I hear them weep, with a blank look in my eyes …..

My brain is in a freeze, someone please set my mind at ease

Free me from this blank thought cluttering my brain,

I can’t see through this hazy rain but I can

Feel the pain

Striking my heart like a nail in a coffin…..

I feel myself coughing vile spirits that live within my soul

Life is too hard to keep walking through storms

 But we do

Because we surrender into the mystery of the modern day blues

Thy snaked upon, therefore drifting into the

Unknown mysteries of pain

A world existing only within your mind a veil of darkness

That terrifies you

You cried out for help but no one hears you, then you realized 

You’re trapped within your mind

Tonight there’s only one thought in my mind to make it through

The obscure sumps of the night…..

The sun will soon raise opening new struggles and strife of

Everyday wonders

You escaped from the sun and into the shade, played too much

With your life

You can’t sleep a voice whispers this is not living

You’re better off Dead

Then another voice utters your first breath of life, was from

 The fruit of true love 

Your life is not your own, your soul belongs to God

But I hear myself screaming Father:

I can’t make it through today…..

Suddenly an angel heard the cries within my soul

Felt the moisture of my tears within her bosom 

Felt my pain and desperation, prayers echo through the walls as

A loud piercing cry booms from the root of my soul

Sent me an angel to free my soul, from these

Obscured swamps…..

 The dimness of night turn into light, today is the day

I’m taking a huge step; I’m going to make it:

It’s hard living in this cruel world, trying hard to come out of

The gloom, and walk into the light

Dear God!!

Send me an angel to free my soul

He sent me, a loving angel who pleaded for me

Called all the angels from heaven, within my thoughts i heard the voice

 Calling all angels to free my soul…


Copyright by Yolanda Hernandez

Aka Morning Star 09/25/03








© 2017 Morning Star

Author's Note

Morning Star
By-Polar is a chemical imbalance of the brain
Accompany by depression and anxiety this illness
Takes you through a path of darkness and sorrow
This poem is dedicated to my son and to all who suffer
From this horrible illness My son
Thanks to God for giving him the carriage to fight
This illness and now his doing great

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Wow this is epic.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Geese and I thought I had problems!!!
This is wonderful sad and depressing writing. Well done

Posted 8 Years Ago

We have lived through a very scary part of life my love, and yet there is a God...and if not for His Hand and the work of His Angels we would not have been able to see our son fight and overcome this terrible disease that inflicts so many innocent people around the my love have an ever loving faith and Soul that shines...I Love You!!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

WOW! This was stunning! I'm speechless, you took me on a sad journy with what your son goes through and then the sudden release of glories light with help from God and his angels!

Posted 8 Years Ago

So wonderful really do convey this so well! Touched my very soul....a well worthy topic to deliver and makes me feel blessed to have shared this!

Posted 8 Years Ago

so beautifully expressed...a gorgeous flow too..

Posted 8 Years Ago

I believe with the bad leadership and budget. A lot of people got lost. Many kind of sickness. I drive down a main road in Detroit. Can count a 100 people living in the street. Your poem and video is powerful. Each of us are different. Need more or less. I'm glad your son is doing good. We need strong families. All my kids are home with grandkids. I don't mind. I'm glad to know they are safe and sound. Thank you for the excellent poem. We do need more Angels.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is a very powerful massage along with the music get the point a cross for a better understanding for an illness that affect many across this nation my heart goes out to you and thank you for sharing.
Excellent write.

Posted 8 Years Ago

absolutely beautiful!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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