Sleep, My Sweet

Sleep, My Sweet

A Poem by Adam

Sleep, my Sweet,

let no more the

day's toil burden

your heart any longer,

May your wings

cradle you whilst you

dream of kings

long since passed

and of loved ones

with you now.


Sleep, my Sweet,

may the shackles of

Ire be broken

while you rest upon

clouds of white.

Be a hero in

the eyes and hearts of all,

a dancer, within

the Courts of the Higest King,

the tender-loving mother,

protecting her young.


Sleep, my Sweet,

Be all that

you can be.

May the Stars above

and the Great Mother below

watch over you

while you strive

to be happy in life.


Sleep, my Sweet,


© 2010 Adam

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the diction in this is amazing. i really like it and the imagery too. awesome job :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Oh My goodness, Adam.
You've kept your writing talents hidden from us for how long?
This piece is very moving and your diction really paints a picture in the readers mind of what you mean.
Its peaceful but has some sort of meaning that you leave to the reader to determine or discover.
Beautiful job.
I'm in a pretty poetic mood right now, as you may be able to tell.
We had a really good Poetry Club meeting.

And I was thinking that you should join our online group for Poetry Club because we'll have forums where sometimes we'll be adding stories for other writers in our club to add to and little fun exercises for people to try and then post.
Anyway, I'll send you the link once I find out what it is.

You have to do it, this was amazing :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

This is really beautiful. I enjoyed the calm and serenity I felt while reading this, especially the part about clouds of white. This painted a really delicate picture.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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