Blood On Your Hands

Blood On Your Hands

A Poem by Adam Jordan Turner

Just a few words


I was still a child, only a boy

18 and fresh, oh!, what a joy

In the "big 'ol city!" my brand new toy

Leaving my mark, making my noise


Finding myself, surely but slowly

keeping in tact with the constant flowing

The constant going, the constant showing

The constant rage, and the constant Knowing


And still, a child, worse, one who knew it all

One who didn't know to get up when he falls

So he'd fall once, he'd fall twice

He'd fall for falling the rest of his life


Until he fell into you


You've had your falls,

you've had your fails.

You've poured your wine,

you've told your tales.

I imagine you now tell tales of me,

maybe you simply cut my scene.

Nonetheless, I have my tales of you,

of the shameful fate you helped me to.

The painful days you set in my way,

the painful truth you caused me to face.


You made your flirt

You made your hurt

You made my day

But made me pay

You made me feel damaged and destroyed

You made my amibitions instantly void

You made me, "18! A Brand New Toy!"

In one night you forever stole my joy

In one night, I'm no longer a boy

Not yet, a man, like you, 17 my senior

In control of a boy who couldn't be keener


Until I met you I was only a boy


You welcomed me in with your sickening grin

Presenting me my wine

You beconed to me, stern and neat

All at the same time

You put on a show, what I'd want to know

till it was time to attend to your lair

You led me in, ready to sin

Me believing you cared

In this room, I faced a doom

worse than what I feared

Trusting, strong, in someone I'd sworn

I truly sincerely revered


You may say it was my ways

which got me to this place

It was my move, that informed you

I was giving it away

My words told you, not knowing truth,

of demons you've collected

I'm a machine, young and clean

No need to be protected


Maybe my words gave you permission

but they also gave you a choice

Not to lie, take a moment and try

to understand i was just a boy


Just a boy who was just a toy,

and was made to pay, for being coy


You knew what demons lived in you

You knew they'd find, in me, home too

You thought I'd probably never know

You thought your deed would never show


I knew at once, when I found out

my foolish days were over

No stroke of luck, nor second chance

no special four leaf clover


You stole from me, my right to live

free and expressively

You placed in me the need to be

concerned insessantly


I'll take the blame, kill the flame

learn from my mistake

I've said goodbye, I've hurt, I've cried

I've seen you on your way

No charges pressed or statements made

no retelling of games we played


I only need for you to know,

There was a point my spirit broke.


While my joys were at your command,

You chose to live with blood on your hands.







© 2008 Adam Jordan Turner

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This is excellent, I would agree with Trav, but it's simplicity allows to communicate to larger audience.
I mean that as a total compliment. I see song lyrics here with some paring down of certain parts. Esp. like
'You've had your falls
you've had your fails'
That verse and the next pretty nice
Liking the work, I'll be thru again

Posted 15 Years Ago

Hmmm, interesting. To be honest I think you should do more with the rhyming. It's too easy at times, such as "You knew what demons lived in you / You knew they'd find, in me, home too / You thought I'd probably never know / You thought your deed would never show". Sometimes that stuff distracts and takes away from what the poem is trying to get at. Though if I were truly helpful, I'd offer suggestions to change it, but alas I can't think of any...

Posted 15 Years Ago

Very good, I mean I don't know what else to say about but DAYUM

Posted 15 Years Ago

Wowza! That was one hell of a fantastic amazing wonderful rant! this should go in the let it go... seriously... this should go in there... this is so great!


Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on April 16, 2008
Last Updated on April 16, 2008


Adam Jordan Turner
Adam Jordan Turner

Houston, TX

I am a 20 year old artist. Writing is something I have always found interesting, and fun, however I did not take on the challenge until recently. I mostly write song lyrics, my mother is a lyricist, .. more..


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