A Chapter by Adeline

The crowded ballroom was dimly lit, and the voices grew louder as Dorian Gray and Lord Henry Wotton strolled down the long entryway towards the sounds of merriment. Hot air collided with skin and fabric as the pair entered, and a soft smirk crossed Dorian's lips as he scanned the multitude of people. His eyes landed on one young woman, whose mouth was forming a pleasant friendly smile, but her eyes betrayed her boredom.

"Who is that?" Dorian said to Lord Henry, who was pouring himself some punch.

"Who?" Lord Henry asked, trying to follow Dorian's gaze.

"The darling blue-eyed blond talking with the older gentleman, just there," Dorian replied, discreetly gesturing in her direction.

"Oh," Lord Henry began, sipping his punch disapprovingly. "That's Miss Darcie Eldridge. It's probably better if you don't talk to her, she's perfectly innocent and you'll ruin her reputation."

"All the more reason to make her an acquaintance," Dorian said as he snaked his way through the sea of people towards her. Miss Eldridge saw him approaching and excused herself from the older gentleman she'd been conversing with. She slipped past the champagne table and was almost out of the room and onto the balcony when Dorian caught up with her.

"I believe you're avoiding me, and it's a rather new experience for me, so perhaps you could tell me your reasons?" Dorian asked.

Darcie turned around abruptly at the sound of his voice, her expression was that of bewilderment. She swallowed once before speakng.

"I was unaware that you wanted to speak to me, sir," she said. "But I know who you are, and of your reputation."

Dorian stepped closer to her. "And what sort of reputation is that?"

Darcie smiled smugly. "The kind my mother would wish me to avoid. So really you're quite sure to be a riveting companion."

"Surely you don't do everything your mother tells you to."

"I do what I please," she began, "and inevitably receive unpleasant consequences."

Dorian chuckled, a deep sound that emerged from his throat. "I hear the people say I'm charming, what do you think of that?"

"You haven't heard the second part. That underneath all the charm, you're quite heartless," Darcie said, more serious.

"Does that frighten you?" Dorian asked.

Darcie looked directly into his eyes before answering. "Not in the least."

Dorian gulped, her answer was different from what he expected. "Perhaps you're not all that Harry says you are," he said and then walked back towards the party. Darcie sighed, her brow furrowed, and continued onto the balcony.

© 2011 Adeline

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Added on February 18, 2010
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A Chapter by Adeline

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