The Gardener

The Gardener

A Story by Italian Pride

This is something I'd like all to read, on the mind. Very empowering information I have come to learn over the years of study on the mind.

Hello Everyone,
As a gift to everyone I know and love, I would like to bestow upon you all one of my most cherished treasures: my knowledge. From the years of effort and work I have put into studying the mind and success, I have found many authors who analyze countless timeless principles. Napoleon Hill and Claude Bristol are a few of these people. My mission in this life time is to change the world in a positive and constructive manner, and I hope all those who read these words will agree with me that giving is the greatest gift one can bestow amongst oneself. That is why I share my knowledge, though little compared to the fathomless amount of information out there, on the mind. From here on in, please commit yourself to an open mind and take at face value the knowledge I have to offer you.

Now some of you may be wondering about the title, The Gardener. I'd be glad to explain. Throughout the ages, from James Allen to Napoleon Hill, all researchers of the mind compared the mind to a garden. Our conscious mind assumes the role of gardener, who toils and labors on what is planted in the fertile soil. This soil is subjective and accepts any seeds planted in it; this soil is our subconscious mind. As the gardener, the conscious mind knows that when it plants a tomato seed, a tomato plant is going to arise. The gardener also knows that from this tomato seed, a strawberry is not going to be reaped! That's common sense, though we have somehow forgot our role as the gardener. Instead of planting the seeds that will render the fruits we want, we plant seeds of villainy and fear, expecting to reap from the fruit they produce honesty and courage. To the sensible gardener that is nonsense. In the same way, the thoughts we think and hold onto are those seeds we plant in the subconscious, which renders the fruits we prep.

The subconscious is that force inside us that brings from nothing, something. It moves into motion the wheels of production. This is a metaphysical fact, "as above, so below." As in our conscious mind, so in our subconscious mind. The way the conscious and subconscious do their dance, they form an endless pattern; the conscious influences the subconscious, which later trains the conscious mind in the form of habits. In this way, the subconscious is like electricity: it can either cook the man's food, or fry the man. Since it is totally subjective, it accepts what is given by the conscious mind, that conscious mind being habitualized by prior subconscious programmings.
This may seem complex, but is easily understandable. We all have habits, good and bad. Let's say you brush your teeth everyday for a month, and before that you were sporadic in your brushing; that's about how long it is said to create a new habit. At the start, you consciously had to think about and put in your mind. After a while though, it got easier and easier to subconsciously do so, as if by autopilot. Consciouly, you exert little effort afterwards to brush your teeth, it always seems to happen. It's the same as driving the same way from school every day, after a while your attention to it drops since it is done subconsciously. Now what if we could program success in the same way we program brushing our teeth every morning and night, or driving to and from school??
The beauty is that you can, and many have. Many have risen from the level of poverty, to the top of their companies, or from lonliness to having loving families and the life they always wanted to have. I believe it is everyone's right to be a creator, of their own success and happiness. This is the ascention lifewards, as Wallace Wattles once put it. But to change the external circumstances, we have to change the cause, our thoughts and beliefs.

There is a reason I don't look down upon anyone who holds any type of belief: as humans, that is the freedom we are given. Though suppressed or beaten down, people possess the right to believe what they want, even if they tell no others of it. That is why all religions are acceptable, belief makes the subconscious mind fertile. WHY though? It's because a desire or idea must pass by unconsciously, or be consciously accepted by the gardener. The belief in something gives credibility that the conscious mind can and will accept, and so will plant it in the subconscious. That's why many desires are mere dreams, or passing fantasies; people don't hold on with conviction or belief that the desired outcome is possible. That brings us to my point: anyone and everyone can develop a belief in the ability to obtain what they truly desire, whether it be the means to help less fortunate families, setting up a company, owning a home, or being a part of a loving family.

If, from this lesson, any of you were unable to pull the necessary information to further advance yourselves along the lifeward path, let me know. The way I laid it out was so everyone ready would be pull from it what you desired, or had an open mind to. No, I didn't say "oh, here is how you do it." No, I am giving you the divine opportunity to find it yourselves, within your limitless, powerful minds. I hope what was provided will help you as it is helping me now and will forever more.

Thank you for reading,

Armani Del Franco

© 2010 Italian Pride

Author's Note

Italian Pride
I want to thank all of you who approached this with an open heart and mind, and came to learn a little something from it.

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