The Man who was cast out

The Man who was cast out

A Poem by advance84

They drove him out, nor more was his breastpiece blubbery.
In judgment tey spoke, hands had begun a seige, legs kicked and cried.
I heard one say "to the hills". Another with a slient tongue said " not just the breast, tear away the sackcloth too"

They were drving him out. O, by ther hairs on his chin, little by little, each strand longer the next.
For I tell you a man like as you've seen will retrace his steps
He will tread his feet upon myraids, myraids.
For today I declare pigs have waterholes as their resting place, this man will never rest.
He will spur like a young,boastful gazelle. 
Eager to prove
To get this done
To make his path
To settle
To debate and jest.
To roar out the weak, snuggle with the strong
To become smitten with ?
On his last days, his eyes will pierce, he will cry out for his lost pages.

Has he not realized his error ?
Upon his eye of wisdom, others will rely and search out for him
Has he forgotten ?
He is forgotten .
What is lost, is lost.
His tree no longer produces tasty fruit.

When will he wither and die ?

We drove him out,  O God we marched away with spoils of his sackloth
Between our teeth,sackloth filled our ears, our altars.
Smitten with sackloth, we prosituted ourselves
Is he the one you've declared holy ?

Our wives once , joyful, were once greased with fine oil, they were once  cursed with affection with their sought love
They broke their vows, they stormed to enqiure about the one wearing sackloth
They shouted, our hands did not hear, our eyes did not touch.
We heard one of us say "take him away to the hills"

Another heavy from battle, a mighty man from the philistines with swords to stuck to his chest, a shield for his outer garments, a grotoseque one said "tear away the sackcloth too". 

This one was smitten with the way of battle, many man were overtaken , many men were parted into the bloody nile, many firstborns were painted on the doorpost

Look! The one in sackcloth he spoke to me saying "I've been driven out

I heard a crowd recite
" A man in sackcloth there was
They came wither millstones
Let's harvest the oil
Dispose of the chaff
Father, Mother we did what you asked
We were obedient to you 
We completed our assignment!
A man in sackcloth there no longer was"

O man in sackcloth where shall the wind take you ( here I think maybe a better metaphor, too cliche)
Will you push to the north?

O one adorned in sackcloth
Where shall you go ?
To the East ?Wil you set sail northward ?
Will you scrambe to the deserted valleys soutward, where the lions roam
O dear where does your hunt begin 

Thus our hero
Torn away from his high-place
His sheep left,restless for another master to fondle, to caresses and suckle
A new resting place our hero must find
Yes he must find one

A desert he waded 
Southerly. he toiled

O Lioness may I pass please ? 
O how beautiful your caramel haze is. 
O how wonderful your prickly skin
Has your skin bated yet  from the great tannery ? 
My tanner's hands sure have toiled over your great desert
O Lioness your infectious smile with such beauty looks upon me with such malice
O lioness when will you smile ?
Pride, can you hear my pleas ?
O lioness, I coveted what's not mine
Will your curse me ?
Will you strike me down to the grave ?
Will you return me to my resting-place
O Lioness, my object of beauty

Upon the traveler, they looked
Noses,cracked from their blankets, they opened saying
"Why are your hands source like the vats of Simon
Why do you toil
What have you sown
Why have you set upon a voyage southerly
Sir, where are your bearings
What does the urmin and Thumin fortell ?
Do you know?
Have you cast your lots ?
Why do you ask me to pass ?
Son why were you driven out ?
Son why do you cry out ?
Have you paid your dues to the ant of the quarray, to the scorpion of the sand
Have you glorifed the queen of the oasis and revelled in the belly of sand ?
Have you partook in impossible fantasies, and sunk your face into the ocean ?
O son, guardian of the city(gotta make this part self-referential) , watchtower of the day, merchant of many women.
Has your course illuminated the day ?
Has your manna been delightful ?
Will you end be rich and luxrious ?

Son you cannot pass my gates
Don't dwell passt my gates
For beyond my walls, there lay many soilders, some are waiting in the lurch, hidden among the walls, many are flung to the watchtower, many are outside the wall, blowing the trumpet of Jericho. Anxious, for 
My son flee from destruction
My brother, did you not listen to your mother 
Your father you abandoned with the bow of your youth
How will you hunt now ?
Look! your sheep are restless, left for another master to occupy
No longer will they be embraced by their master
No longer suckled by a fool's tongue
No longer will they resist an education from a slothful one.

Adorend in pearls of sackcloth
They stood upon their red sea chariots, 
A distance from the gates
Giving no due nor reverence nor showing faith to the one who organizes,command the ground
Nor submitting to the scouring lance of the desert
They called out to one in sackcloth

Our hero did not watch, just as a young boy plays carelessly towards the direction of the lion's den
His ears greased with fine oil did not listen
His eyes did not hear

They cried with spoils of battle in their sheaths
"Wanderer, Wanderer, from what is your birthplace
From the North ?
Fron the East ?

His eyes did not see
His ears did not search for the light

Once again they called
"Wanderer of the earth"
Devil of the night
Strongman of peacetime
Ravenous one of plenty
Socerer of paradise
Warmonger of tranquility
Sheperd of no sheep
What is your beginning ?

His ears did not grope for the fine oil
His eyes listened but did not speak
Away from the gates he went
In battle formation armed, he went forward
Horsemen and woman, strong in courage he stationed
Chariots to his rear
Eager to prove
To get this done
To plan out hostiliy
He struck down the lowly one who governs, commands the ground
He struck down the scouring lance of the desrt 
He settled
Waged divsions
The dark course he chose
He stole the morning bir'ds eges
With a great bow , he struck down the young, the old, the infirm

Adorned in pearls of sackcloth they stood

A man from the gates with a heavy toilage
A man of the field, sheep as his followers
A master of many sheep
A man of things from the ground
In a hurry he shouted 
Wanderer, adorned in pearls of sackltoh
Have you come to repurchase your field
Have you come to wage divisions
To Rid this field of grain of its finest people ?
Have you come to ask the horse for the straw in it's mouth

Where is your sheep for sheperding
Are they restless ?
Have they been lead by another master
Past the hilltops of your dwellings
Snuck away from the gaze of their master's feet
Snatched away from the executioner's nest, silently tread past the wolf's den into greater pastures

Days rose, they rode hard, girdles strapped. 
They rode and panted
To many suns, to many moons
Past the lioness of the desert
Past the rising and falling lances of the ground
Beyond the ones who command and number the ground

Another morning, it arose roaring, wishing the sun had been set ablaze, wishing the wind had not broken the four walls
With the fall, came order

An realization of an error
Will it shake the earth ?
Will he raise his sheath and turn it upon himself ?
Will he sin be found ?
Forgotten ?
Forgiven ?'

At end of his day, where he gropes out for his last pages with heavy,treaded feet
What will he say ?

The one adorned in pearls of sackcloth
Will he cause divsions ?
Will he 
Before I could finish my sentence
A large cry erupted from the gates
I heard one say "To the hills". Another one arose fast from his slumber shouting "Rip off the sackcloth too "
Said another

© 2021 advance84

Author's Note

Feedback on Narrative
Anything I could do to enhance the setting(aiming to touch upon the maze of journeys one goes through in time and being caught up in time etc)
I try to use the 'O' to see quite authentic, but I feel that this might repetition, might be lost on the reader, ( how would I be to replace this ? )

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Added on December 25, 2020
Last Updated on January 4, 2021
Tags: Time, Hope, Loss, Journey